Rugged Witness: a Movie Inspired by the Mortification Song J.G.S.H.


Jesus—Lord, Savior, Creator, Writer, etc.

Satan—fallen angel who seeks to deceive and destroy humanity


  1. Amber Pacino—twenty-two year old college senior, studying business at the University of Florida in Gainesville, third degree taekwondo black belt and assistant instructor on campus, very attractive redhead despite the brutality of her martial art, member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, lives in the sorority house, pre-Christian
    • Brenda Strong—Amber’s best friend. Twenty-one years old. Not a martial artist. Christian.
    • Robert Garcia—Amber’s boyfriend. Twenty-two years old. Not a Christian.
    • Melissa Stanton—A girl who grew up near and went to school with Amber and Brenda for years. Melissa is very successful in whatever she attempts to do. Amber has been jealous and envious of her for years.
    • Jason O’Brien—head instructor of taekwondo class, fourth degree black belt, senior engineering student at University of Florida
    • Taekwondo students—Viggo, Ariel, Nick, Courtney, and Angela
    • Sorority sisters—Natalie and Samantha, friends of Amber, not Christians
    • Men at bar—Paul and Steve, just looking for a good time
    • Church girls—Brenda’s friends, also University of Florida students, Christians, named Shar and Vicki
  1. Daryl T. Kirk—Thirty-eight year old pastor of a small church in Juneau, Alaska, prior to seminary worked careers as a bouncer and a logger so is very powerful, has a wife and two children, the Kirk family is having money problems and Daryl isn’t dealing with it well and it has made him start sinning a lot
    • Jenny Kirk—Daryl’s wife. Thirty-six years old.
    • Sarah Kirk—Daryl’s daughter. Ten years old.
    • Jonathan Kirk—Daryl’s son. Eight years old.
    • Susan Crusher—church secretary. Mid forties.
    • Bouncer—rugged bouncer at the door of the club that Daryl unwittingly goes to, named Borris
    • Barkeep—bar tender who works at the club that Daryl unwittingly goes to, named Zelda

Demons (in human form in most scenes—demon form in a couple)

  1. Lust—a female stripper (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: kung fu)
  2. Gluttony—a fat alcoholic (Amber’s sin—fighting style: drunken boxing)
  3. Greed—a rich businessman (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: taekwondo)
  4. Sloth—guy on a couch in pajamas (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: wrestling)
  5. Wrath—a huge tattooed  and leathered biker (Amber’s sin—fighting style: boxing)
  6. Envy—a young nerdy IRS type man (Amber’s sin—fighting style: stick fighting)
  7. Pride—a very handsome man (Amber’s sin—fighting style: aikido)


Most of the movie will take place in the states of Alaska and Florida in the modern day. Notable exceptions to this are: scene one takes place at Jesus’ tomb at the time of His resurrection. Scene seven takes place in hell, immediately after Jesus’ death. Scene twelve shows both main characters in their location at the same time calling on the Lord. Scene thirteen is in a non-real location, showing a battle of good versus evil. Scene fourteen is in a modern woodshop, to evoke feelings of Jesus’ work as a carpenter, and to give a convenient method for the grinding of Satan’s head.

Daryl is a pastor of a small church in Juneau, Alaska. Scenes take place around the town, at a strip bar, in his home, and at the church.

Amber is a University of Florida student. Scenes take place at her sorority house, at her taekwondo class, around campus, in her business classes, in the car, and at the Mortification concert.



The general formula for scenes two, three, four, five, six, ten, and eleven in this movie is this:

  1. The person (either Amber or Daryl) has the intent to do good.
  2. A sinful option becomes available.
  3. The person does not call on God, and attempts to avoid falling into that sin on their own
  4. A demon representing that sin comes into the scene.
  5. The fight between the person and the demon happens. (This should be accomplished using special effects to where time stops for everything and everyone in the scene except for the person and the demon. The physical fights will take place in and around the people and objects in the scene, though those people and objects are unaware of the fight going on. The idea of the time-stopped physical fight is to show a mental struggle for the person.)
  6. The demon eventually wins the fight by dealing the person a final blow.
  7. The demon vanishes, and the person goes back to he or she was before the fight started and any damage that was done to the scene over the course of the fight is no longer there and then time starts back up.
  8. Now that the mental / spiritual battle is lost, the person does the sin that he or she was tempted to do.


This needs to be very artistic. Quick pictures and few second video clips will be flashed up on the screen at angles, like a Windows slide show or a comic book. There will be an audio track running along with the images and video.

This opening should only be a minute or two long.

Start the images with the crowd yelling “Crucify Him!” Then show snippets of the whipping Jesus took. Show the crown of thorns being placed on His head and the soldiers mocking Him. Show Jesus trying to walk in His weakened state under the weight of the cross. Show Him falling under it. Show the cross on the ground with Jesus on it, and a close-up of a soldier driving a nail into His wrist. Include a scream of pain. Show the crosses raised up and the sky blackening. Show Mary and the other women watching in horror. Show Jesus’ weary head, and include the prayers He said while on the cross. Show Him giving up His Spirit. Show the earthquake, the dead rising, and the temple veil being torn. Show the shock and the fear in the crowd and soldiers after Jesus dies. Show the Centurion in Mark 15:39 saying Jesus was the Son of God.

Scene 1: Jesus’ Resurrection

Black screen. White text: For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. Ephesians 6:12

Takes place in a tomb and the road outside the tomb. Scene starts in blackness. Slowly, two lights start to show on either side of the screen. As the luminosity gradually increases, we see they are two angels. As they brighten, we see the white robe on the dead form of Jesus. Once the angels are fully lit, we see Jesus still lying on the stone of the small tomb. The glow effect from the angels looks similar to large candles. The angels look at Jesus. Suddenly, Jesus awakes from the dead. He sits up and looks at the angels, who are smiling. He stands up and folds the burial robe and lays it on the stone where He was lying. His wounds from His death are still there but only as scars. The angels move toward the giant rock blocking the entrance to the tomb preparing to roll it out-of-the-way, but Jesus holds up His hand to stop the angels. They bow to Him and hover back away from the rock. Jesus quickly stretches and flexes His big muscles a bit, then squares off at the rock. He steps into a strong forward walking stance and throws a mighty reverse punch, hitting the rock in its center. The rock instantly shatters and explodes outward and sunlight floods into the tomb.

Movie Title Screen

Rugged Witness

a film based on Mortification’s song J.G.S.H.

Written by Scott Phelan

with assistance from Aaron, Korie, Jessica, Nicci, and Patrick

a not-for-profit movie

Scene 2: Daryl versus Sloth

This scene opens around noon on a Saturday with Daryl driving his old minivan through his neighborhood. The minivan is in bad shape, making noises and smoking. He manages to get the van to the driveway of his small home. He is visibly shaken about how bad his van is doing.

DARYL: (to minivan) Seriously?! I just bought you 3 years ago, and you’re ready to die on me?! I give up! (throws his hands up)

With his head down, he walks into the front room of his home. The children are loudly fighting in the living room and then the action spills into the room with Daryl. The children look at him and stop.

CHILDREN: (nervously) Hi, Dad.


DARYL: (dejected) Sarah, Jonathan… stop your fighting. I still need to write tomorrow’s sermon and I’ll need some quiet around here.

Jenny, looking disheveled, runs into the room.

JENNY: (to kids) Knock it off! You guys have been fighting for over an hour over that stupid Nintendo! If I hear any more fighting, you’ll both lose the Nintendo for a week.


CHILDREN: (weakly) Awww! That’s not fair! (kids storm out of the room)


JENNY: (ignores kids, angrily to Daryl) Daryl, we just got another medical bill in the mail! You told me you got that paid!


DARYL: (looking very depressed at Jenny, softly) We don’t have all that money right now. We’ll just have to try to pay it in installments. I’m sorry you’re mad, Babe. It’s the best I can do with the money we have. It’s getting hard to live on the small salary the church pays, and with you out of work, I just don’t know how we’re going to get by. The van is about to break down, too. I pray and work, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.


JENNY: I am sorry I snapped at you. But I am worried about all these bills. What will we do?


DARYL: I just don’t know, Babe. I need a break from all this. I still have to finish up tomorrow’s sermon. Can you please keep the kids away from my office for a few hours? We’ll talk about the bills later. (walks up to Jenny and gives her a little kiss)


JENNY: I promise the kids will be good. They are two seconds away from me unplugging the Nintendo! Have fun writing your sermon. (heads off in the direction the children went)

Daryl walks the other direction, gets to his office, shuts the door, braces his back on the wall and slides down. Then he runs his hands through his thinning hair, looks at the floor with a flat affect, and exhales. After a few moments, Daryl gets up and walks over to his desk. On the desktop are his Bible and some notebooks and reference books, and a computer game. He reaches for his Bible but pauses his hand and looks at the game.


The demon representing Sloth appears on the couch in the office. He’s in pajamas and very unkempt. Has a two-day beard, disheveled hair, bags under his eyes, and is holding a television remote.

SLOTH: Come on, Buddy! Drop that Bible… you know you want to. It’s been three months since you’ve played that video game.


DARYL: No. I’ve been putting off this sermon far too long!


SLOTH: Ah, but what about that whole sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13) thing? Let Him write your speech. You just relax now, take a load off, and whatever you say tomorrow will be exactly what God wants your congregation to hear!


DARYL: (upset) I don’t think it works that way! I still do need to write this sermon. God will help me, but not do it all for me, in this case. (turns away from Sloth and goes for his Bible)

Sloth hurls the remote he’s holding and smacks Daryl in the back. Enraged, Daryl turns around and dives onto the couch to strike Sloth. The fight is Daryl’s Alaskan brawling style verses Sloth’s wrestling. Eventually sloth gets Daryl in a submission hold and he taps out. Sloth disappears.



Back to the place where Daryl’s hand hovers over the Bible and the game, Daryl reaches down and grabs the game. He pops it in the computer and the scene ends showing him playing the video game with rapt attention.

Scene 3: Amber versus Envy

This scene opens with Amber standing in the College of Business, staring at a list of exam scores. It’s Monday. She follows the names to the scores with her fingers. She sees that she got a 75% on the exam, and follows the name “M. Stanton” to a score of 100%. She frowns, withdraws her finger, makes a fist and punches the brick wall—medium hard. She turns around and storms out of the empty college. We follow her as she jogs briskly across the campus to her sorority house. She rushes into the living room and nobody is there. She plops down on a couch and opens up her book bag. Brenda enters the room with her backpack and notices that Amber is upset.

BRENDA: (moving to take a seat on the couch, concerned) What’s wrong, Amber?


AMBER: (quickly) I blew that big midterm in Marketing. Now there’s no way I can get an A, and that’s just going to be one more insult to my GPA.


BRENDA: Oh, I’m sorry. But your GPA is still over 3.5, and there are plenty of jobs you’ll be able to get with your Bachelor’s in Business!


AMBER: (incredulously) In THIS economy, Brenda? We’ve been best friends since the third grade—you really don’t have to lie to me!


BRENDA: Well, you’re right. It might be hard to get a job, but I have confidence in you!


AMBER: Maybe I’ll be able to find a job by the time we graduate in seven months… but you know what makes this all seem worse to me? Melissa Stanton got 100% on that test! She has a 4.0, little Miss Perfect. I bet she finds a job on her first interview! (snorts) Probably already has one.


BRENDA: Amber, I love you, sis… but you’ve been angry with Melissa ever since she stole your first boyfriend in the eighth grade. Don’t you think it’s time to forgive her?


AMBER: (rolls her eyes, sarcastically) Oh no… I feel another Bible lesson coming on.


BRENDA: (pulls her Bible out of her backpack) You know I try not to beat you over the head with this, but you know that I love the Lord, and it is my fervent desire that you find life in Jesus, too. You know, the Bible does say in Matthew (flips through pages) …right here, Matthew 22:37-39, He said to him, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.  So the second greatest command is that you love the people around you. I think Melissa counts… Amber, I know you used to be an atheist, but you recently told me that you think there might be a God. In fact, you told me that you thought that maybe the very same God that I believe in and serve is the real God. You know, only God can reveal Himself to us. I think God is starting to work on your heart. What do you think?


AMBER: (nervously) Ummm…. Well, I, uh… am still not so sure about all of this. So you want me to admit that I am a sinner? Yeah, I have no problem admitting that. I’ve never broken any major laws, but I know if this God is real, He would not like many of the things I’ve done over the years. But hell? Would that loving God throw me in hell for a few minor things? I don’t know about that…


BRENDA: (looking encouraged) I just read this passage in Luke the other day. In it Jesus teaches that hell is real, and it’s severe. (flips to Luke 16:19-31) Do you want to read it?


AMBER: (takes the Bible and reads) “There was a rich man who would dress in purple and fine linen, feasting lavishly every day. But a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, was left at his gate. He longed to be filled with what fell from the rich man’s table, but instead the dogs would come and lick his sores. One day the poor man died and was carried away by the angels to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried. And being in torment in Hades, he looked up and saw Abraham a long way off, with Lazarus at his side. ‘Father Abraham!’ he called out, ‘Have mercy on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this flame!’

   “‘Son,’ Abraham said, ‘remember that during your life you received your good things, just as Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here, while you are in agony. Besides all this, a great chasm has been fixed between us and you, so that those who want to pass over from here to you cannot; neither can those from there cross over to us.’

   “‘Father,’ he said, ‘then I beg you to send him to my father’s house— because I have five brothers—to warn them, so they won’t also come to this place of torment.’

   “But Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the prophets; they should listen to them.’

   “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said. ‘But if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’

   “But he told him, ‘If they don’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they will not be persuaded if someone rises from the dead.'” (looks horrified and flips the Bible closed) Well, that was certainly… uh, sobering!


BRENDA: So what do you think?


AMBER: Well it seems scary. That’d be one place I wouldn’t be able to fight my way out of (holds up fists in a mock fighting stance, then drops her arms). Your little impromptu lesson has given me a lot to think about this time. I’m going to go to my room and think about that and study. Don’t you have your Photography class now?


BRENDA: (reaches into her backpack and pulls out her Nikon D3S with AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G lens, has a huge smile) Oh yeah! I can’t wait to shoot the world with this bad boy camera and lens! (sobers a little) Amber, I am still praying for you. Don’t forget we have that Mortification concert to go to Friday night. You still want to go with us, right?


AMBER: (mockingly) What? You think I’d miss this chance to hang out with you and your church friends at an Aussie thrashcore concert? I wouldn’t miss that for the world! (has a big smile)


BRENDA: Excellent. You can take Robert with us girls, too. We’ll have room in the car now. Anyway, I’ll see you after your taekwondo class… don’t make any more boys cry!


Amber heads toward her room and Brenda leaves to go to her class. We follow Amber into her room. She sets her bag on her bed, pulls out some textbooks and puts them on a shelf. Then she takes one of them and a Bible and sets them on her desk and opens the textbook and begins reading and highlighting text with a Sharpie. Fade out and fade in to show some time has passed. Then she starts using her computer. She gets online and sees a story about Melissa Stanton on the campus newspaper. She quickly reads the story, which is all about how good Melissa is, and she starts to fume. She stretches, a little, looks back at her monitor, very angrily, then looks at her mouse and keyboard and pauses.


The demon representing Envy walks into the room and shuts the door. He is a young man, dressed as a nerd, with glasses and a pocket protector. At hearing the door shut, Amber hops out of her chair and whirls toward the demon. Her hands are at her sides, though she has them clenched into fists.

ENVY: (smugly, with a high-pitched, whiny voice) Ah! Your old nemesis, Melissa Stanton… How did you like that article? I thought they did a nice job polishing up that spotless image of hers. Look how they bragged about her 4.0 GPA, and all the volunteer work she is doing. Next to her, you look like nothing. A bum.


AMBER: What is the point of this? Yeah, I read it, and it sure was a pro-Melissa article. I don’t believe half the stuff in there that it said about her, but why are you here?


ENVY: You know. You know very well. This offers you an anonymous way to libel her—to trash her! You’ve been waiting for something like this since the eighth grade! Go ahead and post an anonymous comment to that article and tell the world what you really think of sweet, perfect Melissa Stanton! First, start with the truth, tell the world all the bad things she has done to you and others, then get creative. She’s been a thorn in your side for years… go ahead and make up some hurtful charges about her. It’ll be anonymous, so there’ll be nobody rebutting or attacking you. True, your comment will probably be deleted by the editors in an hour or two, but at least you can blow off a little steam and put a little bit of a dark cloud over that shiny reputation.


AMBER: I am a better person than that… and I am starting to believe in God. If He is real, He wouldn’t want me to do that!


ENVY: Surely God isn’t real! There is no afterlife. When we die we just wink out of existence. For you are dust, and you will return to dust. (Genesis 3:19) There will be no consequence for you doing this to Melissa. Only benefit. You will get to set events in motion that might cause her fall from grace. And that is exactly what you want!


AMBER: No, really, I don’t. And how can you say there is no God, and use the Bible in the same sentence? I have been reading that Bible a bit, and I know that Psalm 14:1 says the fool says in his heart “God does not exist.” So what, then, are you? A demon?


ENVY: The time for talk is up. (has two rattan short staffs secreted behind his back, quickly pulls them out and holds them at his side, menacingly)

Not waiting to be attacked, Amber rushes in and begins striking Envy before he can even get his sticks to a defensive position. The fight is vicious, as Amber is a particularly brutal taekwondo fighter. Amber blocks many of the blows with her arms and legs. No matter how many times Amber strikes Envy, he keeps up his persistent fight and finally starts landing blows with his sticks. Eventually, an exhausted Amber is knocked down and kneeling on the floor. Envy wastes no time and lands a finishing blow to Amber’s head. Envy disappears. The room is as normal.


Back to where Amber was staring at her mouse and keyboard, she clicks on the article and starts her biting anonymous comment. Scene fades out as she is rapidly typing out her frustrations against Melissa.

Scene 4: Daryl versus Greed

The scene opens with Daryl and Jenny sitting at a table in a back room of the church on Sunday morning. A Sunday school class just met in this room and let out. A few people with Bibles are standing around, talking quietly. They slowly walk out of the room. Once they are alone, Daryl and Jenny start talking.

JENNY: (looking scared, talking urgently and quietly) I am so afraid of this lack of money! Daryl, we have medical bills and a dying van that we can’t possibly afford to pay for. But we also have to pay for insurance and gas and other things. Thankfully, the church pays for our house, but that’s about it!


DARYL: (gives Jenny’s hand a squeeze, gets up and walks to a nearby window and stares out) I just don’t know what to do about all this. The church money isn’t enough right now. What about you going and getting another job waitressing? That might help us out.


JENNY: The kids are almost old enough to leave home alone for a while. Can you do more of your church work at home?


DARYL: I suppose I can do that and kind of watch the kids, too. But so much of my pastor’s work is out driving around, visiting people in the hospital, prayer meetings, lunches, and other things. I can try that. The other option—my old jobs—isn’t a very good one. I could go back to logging. But there’d be no part-time with that job. I would have to resign as pastor. Bouncing, I could do on week nights, but that never paid very well.


JENNY: (gets up and walks to the window and puts her hand on Daryl’s shoulder) No. Please don’t even consider those jobs. Logging sure paid you better, but it has long hours and I don’t want you in that danger. The bouncing job is too dangerous. I know you are a very strong man and are great in a fight, but all it would take is one fight to go bad and you could die. Or accidentally kill a man. Please don’t consider those jobs, Hon!


DARYL: (turns from window and looks at Jenny) Okay, Babe. I won’t. But we are in a tight spot right now. Can we look into the local restaurants tomorrow to see about getting you a job?


JENNY: (gets a determined look) Yes, of course. That’s what we’ll have to do. And pray and ask God if that is what He wants us to do. We cannot forget God.


DARYL: No. Of course not. Be careful that you do not forget the LORD your God, failing to observe his commands, his laws and his decrees that I am giving you this day. Deuteronomy 8:11


JENNY: Very good. I didn’t get a chance to hear you practice your sermon, but you got it done, right?


DARYL: I did procrastinate a lot. In fact I am so depressed about this whole money thing that I was downright slothful yesterday, but I did still manage to get a pretty nice sermon on John 15:1-8 prepared.


JENNY: Great! Hey, it’s almost time for the service to start. Do you want walk me to the sanctuary? (starts moving toward the door)


DARYL: (takes a step then looks around the room) No, Babe. Go on over, I want to get this room cleaned up. There are tables and chairs and Bibles all over the place! (turns to get to work cleaning the room)


JENNY: (walking out) Okay, see you in a few, then!

A moment after Jenny leaves the room, Daryl’s cell phone rings. He looks at the number and shakes his head. Then answers.

DARYL: Hello? … Yes this is Daryl. … We owe how much for that ER visit? … But we have insurance! … They didn’t pay for ANY of it? (exasperated) … You want the money by the 30th? … Well I don’t have it. … You’ll accept it in two payments? (gets angry and talks louder) … Well that’s still more than I can scrape up. I’m really busy right now. I’ll have to talk to my wife, but I’m not optimistic about you getting any of my money soon. Bye. (hangs up)

Daryl pulls a chair back really roughly and flops into it. He puts his head down on the table. His Bible is nearby. He grabs it and flips it open and takes the note cards of his sermon out and drops them on the table. He flips them over from the sermon on John 15:1-8 to the blank back sides. He clicks open a pen and starts frantically thumbing through his Bible and jotting notes like a madman. After a few minutes, he gathers up the cards and sits back, looking off into the distance. Susan pokes her head into the room and knocks on the door. Daryl turns and looks at her.

SUSAN: Pastor, they are ready for you out there. Is everything okay?


DARYL: Yes, Susan, I’ll be alright. Thank you. I’ll just follow you in there.

They leave the room and walk down the hall. Susan opens a side door and sneaks back to her seat. Daryl walks past Jenny and his kids and goes up to the front of the sanctuary. He sighs and sets his Bible down on the pulpit. The room is silent. Everybody in the small congregation is looking at him. He flips the Bible open and pulls out the note cards. He takes a look at both sides, and then holds them so he’s looking at them straight on.


The demon representing Greed suddenly shoves the double doors in the back open. He is tall and lean and dressed impeccably in a dark business suit and carrying a brief case. Daryl’s head snaps up and he looks at the demon.

GREED: (haughty) Money, money, money. You might not love it, but you sure do need it. And buddy, I’ve seen just how badly you need it. (as he talks, he walks slowly down the aisle toward Daryl)


DARYL: Jenny and I can make this work. Sure, we owe a lot. But I make a salary here, and she can make a fair amount of money waitressing part-time. We trust God. He will provide!


GREED: Surely God will not provide for you! You just took a call only two minutes ago. Yet another bill that you cannot pay—will not be able to pay. No matter what your intentions are. Preach your second sermon now. Aren’t these people richer that you are? Do they work as hard as you do? Doesn’t Susan—your loyal church secretary—have a husband who has never worked a day in his life, yet he is a millionaire? How is it fair that you would toil and struggle your whole life and he drives whatever car he likes around town and fishes all day for the fun of it? How is that fair? Just he alone… could pay all your bills with a single check today. Look at your other church members! How many of them tithe as God has commanded? You owe it to yourself and to these people to preach your sermon on giving. Shame them into giving more than they do. Tell them how many bills you have. They will give you all the money you need and more. Have them take an extra offering just for you. Threaten to quit unless they reevaluate your pay. Do all this today. You will have money and be happy! (he’s now walked up to the first row, only a few feet back from the pulpit)


DARYL: Demon, I cite Matthew 6:25-34.


GREED: Will God put cash in your wallet? Will God give you a check TODAY that you can give to your debt collectors, the garage, and the insurance company? You are in debt today. Your angry exhortations today will make you debt free tomorrow!


DARYL: You cannot cause me to sin. I am stronger than you!


GREED: Prove it! (tosses briefcase off to the side and goes into a strong fighting stance)

Daryl starts to growl from deep inside. In a moment it is a full-throated bellow. The sturdy oak pulpit, weighing more than 200 pounds is suddenly hefted over Daryl’s head. He bounds forward and off the steps and takes the pulpit crashing down onto Greed. Greed is plowed backward and the pulpit smashes the ground and breaks. Daryl hops over the smashed pulpit and dashes forward while Greed is stunned and lands a vicious shoulder to Greed’s midsection and Greed goes flying. Greed’s fighting style is taekwondo, so he does lots of high kicks at Daryl’s head. But Daryl is fast and big enough that he slips under the kicks and is able to strike the head and body of Greed, sometimes Daryl even does some low kicks and sweeps that knock Greed off his feet. The fight mostly travels up and down the aisle, then in the back and front of the sanctuary. Daryl is beating Greed quite impressively, so Greed gets to his briefcase and opens it. He pulls out a pair of nunchucks and starts whipping them around. After Daryl takes a couple of blows from the nunchucks, he falls to the ground. Greed rushes up behind him and hooks the nuchuck chain around Daryl’s neck and pulls. Daryl falls limp. Greed vanishes.


The sanctuary is in its original condition. Daryl is in front of the unbroken pulpit and he’s got the cards on edge. He quickly flips them to the side of the sinful sermon on giving (sermons on giving are not usually sinful unless they are written with sinful motivations and are not from God). Daryl starts preaching with more passion than he usually has, and is beating the pulpit, waving his Bible around wildly, and sweating, spitting, and with wild hair as the scene fades out. We can show images of the people in the sanctuary’s faces looking surprised. Then show clips of hands tossing checks and cash into the offering plate.

Scene 5: Amber versus Wrath

The scene opens with Amber in her taekwondo uniform standing in front of room full of her taekwondo students. It’s Tuesday evening. She has a third degree black belt, she is barefoot, and standing comfortably at ease with her hands behind her back. The class is standing at attention in organized rows there are about twenty-five students, with ranks from white belt to first degree black belt. This is a campus club, so most of the taekwondo students are University of Florida students and are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-seven, though there are a few children and a couple of older adults. Head instructor Jason O’Brien is standing off to the side, watching.

AMBER: (addressing the students) Welcome to class! We have a fun one tonight. After our stretching, we’ll do some floor exercises and then we’ll do some breaking for the second half of class. Let’s start by reciting the tenants of taekwondo. Please begin.


STUDENTS: (together) Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit


AMBER: Very good. Now let’s talk about what those words mean. They are great words to live by when you are practicing your taekwondo and even when you are not. For example, when you are out at Wal-Mart, be courteous to the employees and other shoppers. Now I know most of us are adults here, but why don’t we talk about these tenants just a bit. Raise your hand and briefly tell me about how you have demonstrated one of these tenants recently in your life. First, courtesy. (several hands go up and Amber looks around the class) Viggo?


VIGGO: (one of the older men) Just the other night, my wife and I went out to eat. The waitress was horrible. She never refilled our drinks, didn’t bus the table, wasn’t friendly, and even got our order wrong. Rather than get angry and be rude to her, we were very polite and courteous… but I don’t think we’ll ever go back to that restaurant!


AMBER: Good example, Viggo. Next is integrity. (looks at the hands that go up) Ariel?


ARIEL: (traditional college student age woman) Well at my job, I have to watch over a lot of peoples’ possessions all by myself. If I didn’t have integrity, I would be tempted to steal some of the items. I think integrity means “to do the right thing when nobody is looking.”


AMBER: Very good! Alright, next is perseverance. (looks at the hands that go up) Nick?


NICK: (traditional college student age man, clears throat) Well, Miss Pacino, I am a Christian, and one of my favorite passages in the Bible talks about perseverance, if I may recite it?


AMBER: (looks shocked and nods her head)


NICK: (confidently and with joy) It’s Hebrews 12:1-3, and it says therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. So I believe perseverance is taking a steady, enduring pace toward the end of whatever you are doing.


AMBER: (shows a mix of confused and happy emotions) Thank you, Nick. That was very good. Ummm… let’s see. Next we have self-control. (looks at the hands that go up) Courtney?


COURTNEY: (about eight years old) My mom says I have good self-control when my little brother always wants to be with me and my friends and I just let him tag along and don’t get mad at him or make him leave. But I don’t think he should be allowed to touch my Barbies!


AMBER: (smiling) Very good example, Courtney! Alright, and for the last one, who’s got indomitable spirit? (about half of the class turn their eyes to Angela, who reluctantly raises her hand) Angela?


ANGELA: (shy and embarrassed, mid twenties) Well, you all know that I recently had ovarian cancer. I guess you could say that took an indomitable spirit to get through the surgery, chemo, and radiation that they did to me and still be able to finish that semester of school.


AMBER: Angela, I hope I would have the strength you showed if I were in your situation. You impressed us all a good deal with how you went through your cancer ordeal. Thank you for all those good examples. Try to apply the tenants to your life. Living that way can help you. Okay, now let’s get started with our stretching exercises!

Amber spends several minutes walking the class through stretches to loosen up their muscles. This can be shown with a fade in / fade out effect.

AMBER: Now that we’re all warmed up, Instructor O’Brien wants me to run you through some floor exercises before we get to the breaking.

Amber spends about twenty minutes running the class through various kicking and punching combos that are belt level appropriate. The class is panting and sweating by the time she calls for the end and dismisses them for a water break. This can be shown with a fade in / fade out effect. While the students are at the water cooler, Jason and Amber go to the corner of the room where a large pile of boards, roofing tiles, cement slabs, and bricks are. They start carrying them to the middle of the room. Some of the students join in and help the instructors move the supplies. For this part of the movie, we can show some of the breaking in fast little clips. No warm up or setup, just fists and feet smashing through wood and cement. The important thing to show is Amber breaking wood and bricks. Amber attempts to break six boards with a side kick and hits them but they don’t break. In an uncharacteristic move, the instructor makes a rude comment that really gets under Amber’s skin.

JASON: (shakes head, softly) I’ve never seen a woman break six before…

Amber is upset but she doesn’t say anything and just lets it go, especially because all the students are there. Amber gives the board a more focused kick and snaps through all six. The class eventually ends and most of the students help haul the broken building supplies to the dumpster or take some home. Then most of the students leave, except Nick. Jason is still in the room, over in the corner at his gym bag, putting his sparring pads on. Nick walks up to Amber.

AMBER: Something on your mind, Nick?


NICK: Yes Ma’am! When I said I am a Christian and said those Bible verses, you seemed shocked, confused, and excited. Do you want to talk about God, the Bible, or salvation with me?


AMBER: I… might… take you up on that. But not right now. Instructor O’Brien and I usually stay late after class and spar each other for a while. It helps us both with our speed, angles, and techniques. We’ve been doing that for three years and we’ve developed a friendship through the learning and welts. But Nick, I want you to know that my best friend has been teaching me about her relationship with God and the Bible for well over a decade. I used to just tune her out and I used to actually be an atheist, but lately her words are making a lot of sense. I’m even reading the Bible and memorizing some parts of it now! You are right. I still have a ton of questions. But Brenda—my friend—is answering them. I have your phone number for the class… would it be okay if I called you sometime to ask you some questions about God?


NICK: I would love that. You can call me any time—day or night. When somebody is seeking God, I drop what I am doing to talk with them. Be safe in your sparring tonight, Assistant Instructor Pacino, and I’ll see you in class soon, if I haven’t heard from you on the phone. Know that God loves you and so do I. Good night! (smiles and turns to walk away)


AMBER: (looking very shocked but happy) Good night, Nick!

Nick leaves the room and Jason walks over in his sparring gear. Amber rushes to her gym bag and quickly puts her pads on.

JASON: (speech is garbled because of his mouthpiece) Thanks for teaching the class tonight. You did a great job.


AMBER: (garbled speech) No problem. I like doing it. Well now you’ve seen a woman break six boards!


JASON: (looks surprised) Uh, yeah! Did I say that out loud?


AMBER: (nods)


JASON: Sorry, Amber. I’m under a lot of stress right now. My parents are having problems right now and my grades are slipping… I guess I let that rude comment slip out.


AMBER: It’s okay. We can talk about what’s bothering you later. But right now I hear the bell!


JASON: (smiles and puts his hands up) Ever the fighter!

They begin sparring. They go a couple of rounds. Mostly without talking, because they know each other so well. Then Jason lands a kick to the side of Amber’s neck that hits a little harder than he intended. It rattles Amber.

JASON: (worried) Sorry! I just hit you too hard there. We can stop!


AMBER: (determined and angry) No, sir! Let’s keep going!

The sparring goes on another few minutes and Amber sees Jason make a mistake he commonly makes when he’s getting tired—a dropped hand that should be raised and protecting his head. Amber’s leg instinctively starts to throw a powerful kick that will hit Jason in his now unguarded head.


The demon representing Wrath suddenly crashes his motorcycle through the doors to the room. The huge, tattooed, leather-clad biker hops off the bike, sets the kickstand and rushes toward Amber. He gets right up in her face and yells rather than talks.

WRATH: (gesturing wildly) Take the shot!




WRATH: Do I have to spell this out for you?! Friend or not, accident or not, Jason insulted you, and all women! He said you weren’t strong enough! Weren’t fast enough! Only a MAN could break that many boards!


AMBER: Well, I didn’t like that… but he did apologize when I let him know I was hurt by it.


WRATH: Fine. What about that kick he just landed on you? Do you really think that wasn’t intentional? I mean, we’re talking about a gold medal Olympic winner here! He has better control than that! Don’t be bullied! Take the shot!


AMBER: No! In the three years we’ve been sparring and friends, we’ve never knocked each other out!


WRATH: Throw the kick. You will not kill him. He’ll wake up off the floor in a minute, and you’ll have some respect! Show him how tough women can be! Teach your instructor a lesson! One of your beautiful hook kicks will be exactly what he deserves!


AMBER: It looks like it’s going to be YOU I teach the lesson to!

Wrath bellows as Amber lands two lightning fast kicks to his head. Wrath is knocked back. His fighting style is boxing, and he’s so tall that his reach is much further than Amber’s. They trade kicks and punches for a while and then Wrath lands a huge uppercut to Amber’s jaw and disappears.


Jason is back in his position with his hand lowered; Amber is in position to land a big hook kick. She throws it hard and connects solidly with Jason’s head. He is knocked out instantly and falls to the floor. He lands on some thick padding and is okay. Amber is instantly regretful that she did it and instantly goes to Jason’s form. It takes a few seconds, but he opens his eyes. He is disoriented at first, and Amber helps him attentively, looking for signs that she might have hurt him more than just a knock out. She gets him some water. After a few minutes, he seems fine. They take off their pads, round up their bags and supplies and shut off the lights.

JASON: Nice kick!


AMBER: You dropped that hand again.


JASON: Yep. That ought to teach me. I haven’t been knocked out in years! (they start walking toward the door)


AMBER: I’m sorry I kicked you that hard, sir.


JASON: It’s okay. I forgive you. Though it seems like we both might need to work on that tenet of self-control. Pulling those strikes that might hit too hard.


AMBER: Yes sir! (pause) So did you want to talk about what’s going on in your life? (they lock up the building and walk to their lone cars in a big, empty parking lot)


JASON: Oh, not right now. I have a couple big engineering assignments to work on, and I need a couple Tylenol for this headache! (chuckles) Anybody would need Tylenol after “saying hello to A. Pacino’s little friend!” Which, in this case, was a beautiful front leg hook kick!


AMBER: Jason, please… you know I hate all the Al Pacino references. I wasn’t even alive when that stupid Scarface movie came out, but it’s been haunting me since elementary school.


JASON: Sorry. I just couldn’t resist that one!


AMBER: Well, okay. (they arrive at their cars) Have a good night! I’ll see you at class or you can call me if you need anything!


JASON: You, too!

They get in their cars and start them up as the scene fades out.

Scene 6: Amber versus Gluttony

The scene opens with Amber and Robert in Amber’s sorority room. It is early nighttime, the day after the class when Amber knocked out her instructor—Wednesday night. Amber is sitting up on her bed and Robert is at her desk and the chair is swiveled toward her. There is tension in their faces.

ROBERT: I told you about this a month ago.


AMBER: I don’t remember that.


ROBERT: Well, I did. And that means that I will not go with you to this concert. I’m sorry.


AMBER: So you choose to go to a baseball game. An INTRAMURAL baseball game, at that, this Friday night, rather than go to this concert with me?


ROBERT: Yep. Amber, think about it. You’ve been planning to go to this concert with your girlfriends for weeks. I was never invited. Now that one of them can’t make it to the concert, suddenly there is a seat available in the car and I can have her ticket. I would go with you and the other girls, except for my game.


AMBER: Sure. Your motives are pure here. You just don’t want to hear that kind of music! If it were, oh, I don’t know, a Flaco Jimenez concert, no mere baseball game would stand in the way of that!


ROBERT: You’re probably right about that. I’m sorry, mi amor. Can I just play my game with the guys and you have a nice night with the girls and that dreadful music? We do get to spend all of next Wednesday together!


AMBER: But, other than Brenda, I don’t know those other girls. It might be weird. I just wish you could go.


ROBERT: Fine, I’ll take the ticket, and tell the guys they’ll need to find another first baseman for the game.


AMBER: No. We’ll go without you. Go and play. I’ll listen to the dreadful music with Brenda and the girls.


ROBERT: You’re mad.


AMBER: (tightly) No. Everything is fine. We’ll have a good time on Wednesday.


ROBERT: Alright. I’ve gotta get back home. I really need to get that English paper written that I’ve been putting off. (stands up and walks over to Amber and tries to give her a kiss but she turns her head) Really? Please?


AMBER: (unenthusiastically turns her head back for a quick kiss) I’ll see you tomorrow. Let’s go to Wal-Mart after our classes are over.


ROBERT: Sure. I’ll go with you unless I end up pulling an all-nighter for this English paper. If that happens, I’ll probably be sleeping. See you! (he walks out of the room)


AMBER: (to empty room) Bye.

Amber flops back on her bed. She lays there for a minute, then gets up and goes over to her desk and bookshelf. She pulls out a textbook and the Bible that Brenda gave her. She sets them both down on the desk and has a seat. She opens them both up and grabs a highlighter. Just then, there is a knock at the door. It’s open, but she swivels her chair and invites the girls in. It’s two of her sorority sisters.

AMBER: Natalie and Samantha, what’s up?


NATALIE: We’re bored. Most of the sisters are either studying or not here. It’s Ladies Night at the club. We were going to go hang out there for a few hours. You want to go?


AMBER: (takes a quick look back at her textbook and Bible then stands up) Sure! I don’t much feel like studying right now, and Robert and I just had a little bit of a fight. I could use a drink.


SAMANTHA: Oh, Amber! I’m sorry! Tell us about it in the car!


AMBER: Sure! You both know I usually don’t go to bars. What’s the deal? How much money should I bring?


NATALIE: (looks at her funny) Girl, all you need to bring is your driver’s license. Ladies night just waives the cover charge at the door and gives us a small discount on drinks. But we are all foxy ladies… I don’t plan on buying a single drink. Random men in the club will be buying them for us!


AMBER: Great! I’ll definitely like being treated to free things! Maybe that will make me feel beautiful. Sometimes I don’t feel too womanly or pretty with my taekwondo. You know, I knocked out my instructor last night…

They walk out of the room. And the scene fades. The scene resumes with the girls standing in line at the club. The bouncer checks their IDs and then lets them in. They walk in and check out the dance floor, tables, and bar. They choose an empty table over by the bar to go sit at. It is pretty early, so the club is less than half full. Most of the people are over by the bar. A couple of tables have groups of women sitting at them. A couple of tables have groups of guys sitting at them. A few people are walking around. There is one man on the dance floor, dancing wildly to the music.

NATALIE: (looks at the lone dancer) Look at that freak show on the floor! He’s going home alone tonight!

A couple of guys walk over to their table and attempt the impossible task of breaking in on a “girl’s night out.”

DAVE: (looks at Amber) Hey! I think you’re in my Spanish class!


AMBER: (uninterested) Sorry. I’m not taking Spanish.


DAVE: Oh. (looks embarrassed)


PAUL: Well, hey, nobody’s drinking yet! Can we buy you ladies a drink?


NATALIE: Have a seat. (the guys pull up chairs around the table)


DAVE: So what can we get you?


SAMANTHA: (looks at Amber and Natalie) We all like Corona Light with grenadine.


DAVE: You got it. As soon as the waitress comes over, we’ll order you three Corona Lights with grenadine. Paul and I are drinking Jack and Cokes. By the way, I’m Dave and that’s Paul.

The guys and the girls chat about nonsense—stupid bar conversations, trying to yell over the music—for a bit. Their drinks arrive. Everybody drinks them. Do a fade in / fade out to show that a little time has passed.

PAUL: (looks hopefully at the women) Who’s ready to get up and dance? Hear that? “Ladies this yo jam!” We gotta dance now! (hops up enthusiastically)


NATALIE: (stands up) Sorry, we’re not dancing. We need to go to freshen up. Thanks for the beers guys. (turns and starts toward the bathroom, Amber and Samantha follow)


AMBER: (catches up to Natalie outside the bathroom) So we just ditch those guys?


NATALIE: Of course! We’re just here to drink and chat. You know what every man in here wants.


AMBER: That’s kind of harsh…


NATALIE: Look at it this way: those two losers paid nine bucks and got to hang out with three hot sorority sisters for ten minutes. Not a bad deal for them! (walks confidently into bathroom)


SAMANTHA: (close to Amber, speaks quietly) What’s eating her? She usually isn’t this rude.


AMBER: I don’t know. Let’s just try to be nice to the next group of guys that come up to us! (walk into the bathroom)

Fade in / fade out. Something similar to what just happens repeats twice. The girls go to a different table, different guys come over, buy them different drinks, they chat for a bit, then ditch the guys and find new ones. There are more people filling into the club—it’s quite busy now. The girls have now had three drinks in about an hour. They are all buzzed. They’ve split up, and Amber is walking across the dance floor, there are several people around dancing, and the camera work needs to be slow and shaky, or some other effect, to try to show the effect of alcohol. Just as Amber gets to the center of the dance floor, Natalie walks toward her, holding out a fruity mixed drink, offering it to Amber. Amber starts her hand forward to take the drink.


The demon representing Gluttony appears by tripping and rolling gracelessly halfway across the dance floor. He hiccups and looks around disoriented. He’s a fat guy and looks like a stereotypical alcoholic. He spots Amber and gets to his feet unsteadily.

GLUTTONY: Ah, there you are! My assignment! Let’s belly up to the bar and have another drink! I’m sure thirsty! And they’re on the house, err, at least, they are on all these poor schmoes here who’re looking to reproduce. (looks away, muttering) Filthy human beings, if you ask me!


AMBER: Nope. I don’t need another drink, thanks!


GLUTTONY: WHY would you say that? We ALWAYS need another drink! Life sucks. There’s always a reason to drink, or bury yourself in food, or any other addiction, umm, I mean hobby.


AMBER: Actually, life isn’t that bad!


GLUTTONY: You say this after your boyfriend of three years decides to ditch you for some stupid baseball game? You told him that you are nervous about going to that strange Christian concert with a couple girls you don’t know. And he’d rather be out there playing some dumb sport?


AMBER: Baseball is not dumb. AND Robert is right. I was being selfish. He did tell me about that game a long time ago, and we did just invite him to the concert. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at him. Actually, I think I will text him and apologize right now.


GLUTTONY: How can you apologize to somebody (Gluttony pulls a drink out of one of the nearby frozen people’s hands)… when you are so thirsty? And all you want to do is drink!

Gluttony stumbles forward toward Amber, who goes into a fighting stance. Gluttony trips and the mug of alcohol goes flying toward Amber—still upright, and no liquor spills out. As the mug gets closer, Amber kicks it out of the air with one of her famous hook kicks. Keeping her leg cocked, she hops forward and lands a roundhouse kick to Gluttony’s head. Gluttony rolls with it. His fighting style is drunken boxing. He simply outlasts Amber. With her hard fighting style her blows rarely land solidly as Gluttony is so loose and wobbly with his movements. He is very slow with his reactions, but fast with his strikes. The fight is moving all around the dance floor wildly, they avoid all the frozen people. Finally Amber throws a high kick, and Gluttony moves in and jams her, grabs her with both hands and slams her into a nearby speaker. Gluttony vanishes.


Amber is right back where she was, and Natalie has the mug of liquor close by. Amber takes it and chugs it down very fast, then starts dancing wildly all alone. Eventually, Samantha and Natalie surround Amber and get her to come off the dance floor. As the night goes on, we see that Samantha and Natalie have stopped drinking, but Amber has a few more drinks and gets pretty drunk. Towards the end of the night, Natalie has found a pretty boy that she likes (not one of the men who bought any of the drinks).

NATALIE: (in private to Samantha) Are you good to drive?


SAMANTHA: Yep. I haven’t had a drink in four hours.


NATALIE: Good. This handsome young man—Ben—has kindly offered to take me to his home for the night. He’s a Sigma Nu. I’ve never seen their house. It sounds like fun! So I’ll be going with him. Are you okay to get Amber in my car and drive yourselves back to the house?


SAMANTHA: Sure. (Natalie holds out her keys and Samantha takes them)


NATALIE: (holding hands with Ben, shouts over her shoulder) I’ll see you girls tomorrow!

Everybody is leaving the club. Samantha is holding onto Amber who is too unsteady on her feet to walk unassisted. We see Natalie and Ben go one way, and Samantha and Amber go another. Once they get to Natalie’s car, Samantha has to nearly lift Amber into the shotgunner’s seat. Samantha is sober, so the drive home is fine. We see the car start driving and then the scene ends.

Scene 7: Intermission–Jesus in Hell

Show on the screen the text of two Bible verses:

For Christ also suffered for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, that He might bring you to God, after being put to death in the fleshly realm but made alive in the spiritual realm. 1 Peter 3:18


For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. Matthew 12:40

Blackness. Softly wailing and chanting starts and comes up slowly as the light does. What you see first is the back of a figure sitting cross-legged on the ground. His back is shredded pretty badly. It’s Jesus. The light is coming from above Him.

The nearby ground is made up of patches of oddly shaped, multi colored earth tone chunks of stone and cement. In between the slabs of rock and cement the grouting is mostly multi hued sand and dirt. The wailing, chanting, groaning, and screaming are getting louder as the light gets more intense. All around the scene, but at a distance, patches and walls of flame dance over the ground.

The ground and background were dark, but after Jesus is illuminated, fire starts to show. The fire is only a few feet off the ground so that half of the frame shows pure blackness. The fire is in lines that are mostly around Jesus but distant. Looking down, it would almost look like the sheets of fire are in a star shape with Jesus in the center. The camera circles Jesus and finally gets to His front side. All of the wounds from the crucifixion are open and bleeding or oozing.

The chanting and wailing is getting very loud. Jesus is still sitting there, with His eyes closed and His head looking down. Off in the distance, near the flames, you can see movement. It is the seven demons, but not in human form, as actual demons. They are hopping and dancing wildly around. They are the ones that are making the noise.

A deep voice suddenly bellows…

SATAN: (unseen) Silence!

At once all the demons stop making noises and stop their insane dancing. A moment later, Satan, appearing as a demon, strides briskly to the front of Jesus. He is quite a bit taller than a sitting Jesus. Satan just stares at Him.

SATAN: (shaking his head) Son of God, huh? It would have been so much better for both of us if you had just accepted my offer in Matthew 4:8-9. (Satan continues staring for a few moments, then backhands Jesus who recoils but stays seated)

Satan turns abruptly and strides away from Jesus and out of the frame.

SATAN: (unseen) Attack!

The demons take up their cries, groans, screams, wails, and chants with renewed vigor and charge in on Jesus from all sides. They are beating Him nonstop. Time is shown by dimming the overhead light down to nothing and then bringing it up and repeating the process while the demons keep beating, dancing, and wailing. When the light comes up for the second time then that represents the start of third day.

Suddenly, Jesus looks up and opens His eyes. There is fire in His eyes. The demons all stop and take a nervous step back. Jesus looks at His wounds all over His body. As He looks at them, they are healed. Not completely healed, though. There are still scars for memory. When the demons see this, they turn and flee. Jesus stands up confidently, looks up, and then jumps. The camera angle is from underneath and we see Him jumping out of Hell. Then the scene goes dark.