Daryl ONE

Daryl is standing in front of his congregation on a Sunday morning, at the pulpit. The congregation looks somber.

DARYL: Church, I want you to know that I have sinned against you. I want to ask your forgiveness. Last week I had been really feeling a lack of money with bills piling up and my van breaking down. Instead of seeking God and praying and fasting, I got angry, and I delivered that sermon last week. I’m sure most of you remember it. Your giving was incredible—four times the average and I thank you for that. While the idea of giving is Scriptural, and the Lord does want us to give cheerfully, the things I said were too harsh. It was wrong of me, and I want to bring this to you and the church board to see what you want to do about my poor use of the pulpit. I’ve already talked to the elders, and I will leave the room and allow you to discus what I’ve done now. Thank you.

He closes his Bible, turns and walks out of the sanctuary. As he does, four elders stand up and walk toward the front of the sanctuary. Fade out.


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