Daryl TWO

Daryl is in his bedroom with Jenny. They are in bed at night, watching television. He is looking very downcast. Daryl grabs the remote and mutes the television.

DARYL: Babe… I need to tell you something.


JENNY: What’s wrong?


DARYL: I, uhhh, I did something pretty bad the night the van broke down.


JENNY: What’d you do?


DARYL: Well I had driven way out-of-town to visit the Browns, and then I was driving back towards town and the van died in the middle of nowhere.


JENNY: Yeah, you already told me that.


DARYL: But I didn’t tell you ALL of what happened.


JENNY: Oh. Continue…


DARYL: The first thing I tried to do was call you. But the phone was dead. So I got out and started walking for a phone. The nearest place was the old strip bar.


JENNY: (looks shocked) You didn’t CHEAT ON ME, did you?!


DARYL: (quickly) No! Well… not really. Kind of. (Jenny folds her arms, moves a bit away from Daryl, and looks at him expectantly) Let me finish my story before you get mad.


JENNY: Mm-hmmm! Better be a pretty good story!


DARYL: All I wanted to do was get to a phone and call you or the tow truck company. I really didn’t want to go to a strip club, but the next nearest building was five miles away. I THOUGHT I could just walk in, find a phone, and make the call and leave. But it was not that simple. The bouncer at the door had no mercy on me, and made me pay a seven dollar cover charge, which I told him was outrageous. But it gets worse. I ALSO had to buy two drinks! I was not planning to do that… but the bartender wouldn’t let me near a phone until I bought them. So I bought a couple of their cheapest beers, didn’t take a sip, and just asked for the phone again. She then had the nerve to tell me that it was being used. You know me—I love you and God, and usually don’t struggle with sexual sins. But I really think that Satan set that whole thing up just for me. I was very close to pouring the beers on the bar in anger, storming out, possibly fighting the mean bouncer, and then walking the five miles to the next phone. But something kept me in there a little longer than I should have stayed. I drank the two beers and hung out and watched a couple of the girls strip. Even gave them a few bucks.


JENNY: Is that ALL you did?


DARYL: Yes. After a few minutes, the bartender came over to my table and told me the phone was now free. I snapped out of the sin I was committing against God, you, and those young women, and went to the phone and called the tow truck. I went outside to wait. (Jenny sits there silent, thinking for a time) So?


JENNY: Well, I don’t like it. Thank God you didn’t actually cheat on me. And it does kind of seem like Satan set you up… but you DID fall for it. I am not too happy about what you did, Daryl… but I’ll get over it eventually.


DARYL: (softly) Thank you.

They continue sitting there in silence, staring at the mute TV. Scene fades out.


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