This needs to be very artistic. Quick pictures and few second video clips will be flashed up on the screen at angles, like a Windows slide show or a comic book. There will be an audio track running along with the images and video.

This opening should only be a minute or two long.

Start the images with the crowd yelling “Crucify Him!” Then show snippets of the whipping Jesus took. Show the crown of thorns being placed on His head and the soldiers mocking Him. Show Jesus trying to walk in His weakened state under the weight of the cross. Show Him falling under it. Show the cross on the ground with Jesus on it, and a close-up of a soldier driving a nail into His wrist. Include a scream of pain. Show the crosses raised up and the sky blackening. Show Mary and the other women watching in horror. Show Jesus’ weary head, and include the prayers He said while on the cross. Show Him giving up His Spirit. Show the earthquake, the dead rising, and the temple veil being torn. Show the shock and the fear in the crowd and soldiers after Jesus dies. Show the Centurion in Mark 15:39 saying Jesus was the Son of God.


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