Rugged Witness: a Movie Inspired by the Mortification Song J.G.S.H.


Jesus—Lord, Savior, Creator, Writer, etc.

Satan—fallen angel who seeks to deceive and destroy humanity


  1. Amber Pacino—twenty-two year old college senior, studying business at the University of Florida in Gainesville, third degree taekwondo black belt and assistant instructor on campus, very attractive redhead despite the brutality of her martial art, member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, lives in the sorority house, pre-Christian
    • Brenda Strong—Amber’s best friend. Twenty-one years old. Not a martial artist. Christian.
    • Robert Garcia—Amber’s boyfriend. Twenty-two years old. Not a Christian.
    • Melissa Stanton—A girl who grew up near and went to school with Amber and Brenda for years. Melissa is very successful in whatever she attempts to do. Amber has been jealous and envious of her for years.
    • Jason O’Brien—head instructor of taekwondo class, fourth degree black belt, senior engineering student at University of Florida
    • Taekwondo students—Viggo, Ariel, Nick, Courtney, and Angela
    • Sorority sisters—Natalie and Samantha, friends of Amber, not Christians
    • Men at bar—Paul and Steve, just looking for a good time
    • Church girls—Brenda’s friends, also University of Florida students, Christians, named Shar and Vicki
  1. Daryl T. Kirk—Thirty-eight year old pastor of a small church in Juneau, Alaska, prior to seminary worked careers as a bouncer and a logger so is very powerful, has a wife and two children, the Kirk family is having money problems and Daryl isn’t dealing with it well and it has made him start sinning a lot
    • Jenny Kirk—Daryl’s wife. Thirty-six years old.
    • Sarah Kirk—Daryl’s daughter. Ten years old.
    • Jonathan Kirk—Daryl’s son. Eight years old.
    • Susan Crusher—church secretary. Mid forties.
    • Bouncer—rugged bouncer at the door of the club that Daryl unwittingly goes to, named Borris
    • Barkeep—bar tender who works at the club that Daryl unwittingly goes to, named Zelda

Demons (in human form in most scenes—demon form in a couple)

  1. Lust—a female stripper (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: kung fu)
  2. Gluttony—a fat alcoholic (Amber’s sin—fighting style: drunken boxing)
  3. Greed—a rich businessman (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: taekwondo)
  4. Sloth—guy on a couch in pajamas (Daryl’s sin—fighting style: wrestling)
  5. Wrath—a huge tattooed  and leathered biker (Amber’s sin—fighting style: boxing)
  6. Envy—a young nerdy IRS type man (Amber’s sin—fighting style: stick fighting)
  7. Pride—a very handsome man (Amber’s sin—fighting style: aikido)


Most of the movie will take place in the states of Alaska and Florida in the modern day. Notable exceptions to this are: scene one takes place at Jesus’ tomb at the time of His resurrection. Scene seven takes place in hell, immediately after Jesus’ death. Scene twelve shows both main characters in their location at the same time calling on the Lord. Scene thirteen is in a non-real location, showing a battle of good versus evil. Scene fourteen is in a modern woodshop, to evoke feelings of Jesus’ work as a carpenter, and to give a convenient method for the grinding of Satan’s head.

Daryl is a pastor of a small church in Juneau, Alaska. Scenes take place around the town, at a strip bar, in his home, and at the church.

Amber is a University of Florida student. Scenes take place at her sorority house, at her taekwondo class, around campus, in her business classes, in the car, and at the Mortification concert.



The general formula for scenes two, three, four, five, six, ten, and eleven in this movie is this:

  1. The person (either Amber or Daryl) has the intent to do good.
  2. A sinful option becomes available.
  3. The person does not call on God, and attempts to avoid falling into that sin on their own
  4. A demon representing that sin comes into the scene.
  5. The fight between the person and the demon happens. (This should be accomplished using special effects to where time stops for everything and everyone in the scene except for the person and the demon. The physical fights will take place in and around the people and objects in the scene, though those people and objects are unaware of the fight going on. The idea of the time-stopped physical fight is to show a mental struggle for the person.)
  6. The demon eventually wins the fight by dealing the person a final blow.
  7. The demon vanishes, and the person goes back to he or she was before the fight started and any damage that was done to the scene over the course of the fight is no longer there and then time starts back up.
  8. Now that the mental / spiritual battle is lost, the person does the sin that he or she was tempted to do.

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  1. What I liked about the general formula for the scenes is that they emphasize the struggle to overcome sin that we all face individually, each and every day. Likening the temptation to sin as being a battle against a personification of said sin is, in my opinion, a very honest way to go about this. Whereas a potential complain might be aired from other readers/viewers that the characters consistently and repeatedly give in to these personified sins, the greater message is very clear: we are powerless to overcome sin without the aid of Christ and his sacrifice on the cross.

    On another note, I especially enjoyed the fact that each sin personification was given a separate characterization because all too often, Christian media deliberately avoids characterization of the demonic for fear of making sin appear “cool”. I don’t feel that this is even remotely a concern here because the characterizations of sin are actually quite spot on with how one would imagine them.

  2. Wow, just reading the list of characters and setting and notes, it seems like it will be a really good story!! The general formula actually reminds me of the Lifehouse skit for their song “Everything” – I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it – but it has to do with a girl battling the sins of the world and falling away from God, and then God saves her from it all at the end. So it’s true that we can’t overcome sin, like George said ^^^^, without the aid of Christ in our lives. I love the whole idea of your movie, Scott! It’s cool lol 🙂

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