Scene 10: Daryl versus Lust

The scene opens with Daryl driving his beat up minivan down a long abandoned road in the dark. It starts to slow down and Daryl starts pounding on the steering wheel…

DARYL: No! Come on! Come on! Don’t die on me now! Still twenty-five miles to home!

Daryl is trying to drive the van which is coughing and sputtering, and he’s looking at the speedometer and other instruments. He pulls out his cell phone and dials Jenny’s cell while the car is still rolling along slowly.

DARYL: (looks at phone quickly and tosses it into the passenger seat in disgust) Dead? A dead battery already?! I just charged that this morning! (peers into the distance and there is only one building, mutters) I guess I’ll have to go there to call Jenny.

The van dies and Daryl manages to get it off to the side of the road. He shuts everything down, locks the doors, and walks about a quarter-mile to the small building. When he gets close enough, we see the sign says “The Frozen Fisherman’s Gentleman’s Club.”

DARYL: (reads the sign) Ugh! I’d forgotten this was here. But it’s the only building within miles… I’ve got to go in there and find a phone.

Daryl walks up to the front of the building. There are a few trucks parked in front. He gets up to the front door and is stopped by a big bouncer.

BOUNCER: You gotta pay the cover before I can let you in.


DARYL: I just need to go in to use the phone. My car just died down there.


BOUNCER: Sorry. But you still gotta pay seven bucks to get in.


DARYL: Really? I’m not here to see the women, and not here to drink. Just a phone. Can I go in?


BOUNCER: Really sorry now, Bud! We have a two drink minimum. So that means you gotta pay me seven bucks now, and at least buy a couple of beers when you get in. THEN, you can use the phone.


DARYL: (looks upset, but pulls out wallet and takes out seven dollars and hands it to the bouncer) This is NOT right. But I gotta do it. (bouncer takes the money, Daryl starts to walk past, but the bouncer steps in front of him) Huh?


BOUNCER: Sorry, pal. Gotta see some ID.


DARYL: (looks shocked) I’m almost forty! (points up) LOOK at how thin my hair is! Do I LOOK like I’m only twenty years old?!


BOUNCER: Hey, man! Just doing my job. Now you can let me see your ID, or I can refuse you entrance.


DARYL: (apoplectic) WITH my money. (pulls out his wallet again and grabs driver’s license) Here. Look. See? Born in 1973. That makes me thirty-eight years old. Now may I go in?


BOUNCER: Hey, don’t get smart with me, or I won’t let you in.


DARYL: (sarcastically) Oh, please, kind sir, allow me to enter the club?


BOUNCER: Well, since you asked nicely. BUT first, I have to confiscate your cell phone.


DARYL: What? Why? Oh, never mind. My cell phone is not with me. It’s sitting in my broken down car, with a dead battery. The only reason I had to come to this place, remember?


BOUNCER: Oh yeah… you did say that already. So I’ll trust you. But if you have a cell phone, and I catch you taking pictures of the girls, I will personally throw you out of here! And remember: walk right up to Zelda the bar tender and buy two drinks right away or I toss you! (finally steps aside to let Daryl pass)

Daryl walks into the dimly lit bar. There is a long bar on one of the walls and the other two walls have small stages on them. The last wall has a DJ stand and some speakers. There are a couple of girls in skimpy outfits dancing on the poles at both stages. The DJ is yelling something incomprehensible into the microphone over the loud music. Daryl does not look at the girls and marches right over to the bar. A young woman who shows the signs of aging from a life of sin is cleaning a glass with a rag. Uninterested, she sets the glass and rag down.

BARKEEP: (slowly moves over toward Daryl) What can I get for you, Sugar?


DARYL: (shouting over the music) May I use the phone?


BARKEEP: Let me get you a drink, first.


DARYL: I rarely drink. And I really don’t want to drink tonight.


BARKEEP: Didn’t Borris at the door tell you that we have a two drink minimum here?


DARYL: Yes ma’am, he did. But like I said to him at the door, my car just broke down a little way down the road and my cell phone is dead. I’ve already paid the cover fee, I’m not going to stay. All I need is your phone for a few minutes to call my wife or a tow truck. Then I can get out of here.


BARKEEP: Sorry, Sir. The boss makes us do this. I can’t let you use the phone until you do that.


DARYL! (angry) Fine! What’s your cheapest drink?


BARKEEP: Bud Light. Three bucks each.


DARYL: (pulls out his wallet again, takes out six dollars and tosses it on the bar) There you go! Two Bud Lights, please! Now can I PLEASE use the phone?!


BARKEEP: (she takes a look in a back room where the phone is tucked away) Sorry, there’s already a guy using it.

Daryl is very angry and he looks up at the ceiling in anger and begins clenching his fists. He reaches out and grabs the two long neck bottles and lifts them up a little bit, as if to pour them out, right on the bar.


The demon representing Lust appears. The two strippers are still clad in PG-13 appropriate clothing, and Lust appears on the stage. She is a gorgeous woman in revealing clothing. She is holding on to the pole and calls out to Daryl.

LUST: Come on! Have a drink and stay awhile! These young women would just love to entertain you tonight!


DARYL: No. I just want to call my wife or a tow truck, and then get out of here!


LUST: That’s not ALL you want to do. Take a look around! The show’s just about to get started. You want to watch. I bet you even have a wad of singles in that wallet that you could give to these girls.


DARYL: One, staying here and watching these girls would be sinning against the girls, my wife, and my God, and two, I need this money for my family!


LUST: Hey, man, Jesus was always hanging out with sinners. And what’s a few extra bucks? You’ve already spent thirteen dollars just to get in here and POSSIBLY be able to use the phone.


DARYL: Jesus was with the sinners, but he wasn’t sinning. If I sit here and watch those girls up there, then I will be sinning. As for the money I have already spent, that is insane. I can’t believe nobody here won’t let me just use the phone! I am enraged about this.


LUST: I know! I have a colleague named WRATH that I just might have to call in for a consult on your case here, Daryl!


DARYL: Enough nonsense. I intend to pour those beers on the bar, and walk out of here. Most likely Borris will be walking with me—I might even have to fight my way out of here. And it’s like five miles to the next nearest building, but it’s not too cold out. I’ll be able to walk there.


LUST: Look at these women! So beautiful, and they want to undress for you!


DARYL: For this is God’s will, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality, so that each of you knows how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not with lustful desires, like the Gentiles who don’t know God. This means one must not transgress against and defraud his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger of all these offenses, as we also previously told and warned you. For God has not called us to impurity, but to sanctification. Therefore, the person who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who also gives you His Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8


LUST: You will not cite that to me! You will stay here and sin!


DARYL: Bring it on, Demon!


LUST: My kung fu is invincible!

Lust lets go of the stripper pole and hops lightly on top of one of the nearby tables. Daryl grabs a bar stool and rushes her. He hurls the bar stool at her. She dodges it, jumps down off the table and lands a kick as he runs up to her. The battle is wild, with Daryl grabbing many things in the bar and attacking her, but she keeps dodging and blocking his strikes and landing kung fu strikes. Finally they end up on one of the dancing stages and Lust lands a blow to the back of Daryl’s head that knocks him forward into the pole. As he is knocked out, Lust disappears. Daryl is back where he was, about to pour out the two beers. Everything in the bar is as it was.


Daryl takes one of the beers up and has a long swig. He turns around and walks right up to the closest table to one of the stages and sits down. One of the strippers walks to the edge of the stage. Daryl stands up, pulls out some singles and walks toward her. Scene fades out.


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