Scene 11: Amber versus Pride

This scene opens with Amber walking through campus toward a class. A nearby door slams and a girl runs by, sobbing. She doesn’t see Amber, but quickly is off the screen. Amber makes it to her class and sits down in a seat.

AMBER: (to a classmate) Hey, I just saw Melissa Stanton run out of the Dean’s office crying. What’s up with that?


CLASSMATE: Didn’t you hear? After that story about her that the newspaper ran last week, somebody accused her of a lot of bad things in an online comment. They deleted it, but some of the faculty read the comment and looked into it. I heard they are investigating Melissa.


AMBER: (shocked) But… what if all those things the person who commented said were just made up?


CLASSMATE: Then I suppose nothing will come of it. But if any of those charges are true, then she’ll probably end up suspended or expelled. Poor Melissa. To go from that amazing story they wrote about her to being under suspicion. I’m just glad that didn’t happen to me!


AMBER: Well if these charges are false, would the person who said them be in trouble?


CLASSMATE: Yeah, probably. But it was all anonymous and I don’t think the IT department is smart enough to trace the comments back to a computer. It looks like whatever loser did that to Melissa will not get punished.


AMBER: Oh. I just wish that none of this had happened.

The class starts and we see that Amber is pretty shaken looking. The scene fades out and then it fades back in and Amber is walking to a different class. She gets to the class and sits down. Melissa is in this class with her and is sitting closer to the front of the class than Amber is. The professor walks in and looks upset.

PROFESSOR: (holds up a sheet of paper) I have the scores from the test I gave last Thursday and they aren’t good. The average score was 52%. All the scores were failing, except for one C the 97% that Amber Pacino got. Very good job, Amber! The rest of you… have some work to do!


Suddenly Pride walks in. He is a tall, attractive man with a medium build and the face of an A-list actor. He’s wearing really stylish clothes and has an easy air with his walk. He scans the room full of students, glances at the teacher and then holds up an arm and points at Amber.

PRIDE: (in a very suave, persuasive voice) Amber! Babe! You just nailed that test that all these other slackers flunked!


AMBER: So? Good for me. What do you want me to do about it?


PRIDE: Come now, you don’t need to do anything big or flashy. Just internalize your pride and let it swell in you—you did great all by yourself. You deserve to praise yourself.




PRIDE: Why not? You just beat all these people handily… including Melissa.

Pride walks over toward Melissa and squats down to look at her frozen face. Her hair is ruffled where it froze. Pride takes his hand and sweeps a lock of her hair back on top of her head, looks at her a second longer, then turns toward Amber and speaks again.

PRIDE: You know, she is quite pretty. Over the years she has dated men that you wanted to date. And don’t get me started on how good her grades are! You get good grades, but hers are usually just a little bit better than yours are. How does that make you feel?


AMBER: (scowling) That makes me feel bad… worthless, even. I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but it’s just… Melissa infuriates me sometimes!


PRIDE: Oh, I am so sorry. Just take this time to gloat, then.


AMBER: No. First of all, I feel terrible about what I did to her last week with the false accusations, and second, I just accepted Jesus Christ (Pride recoils at the name) as my Lord and Savior. I don’t think this pride—even just to myself—is a healthy thing. I think it is probably even sin. So why are you so insistent?


PRIDE: (stands up tall, suddenly has a menace to his voice) Because I want you to fail. I want you to sin and sin and sin and grieve the Holy Spirit who now resides in you. I want you to lose control in all you do.


AMBER: (leaping from her seat into a fighting stance) Never!

The fight is unusual. Amber’s fighting is strong taekwondo, but Pride fights with smooth, fast, soft aikido. Amber only lands a few glancing blows. Most of her strikes are simply dodged and deflected by Pride, and often each deflection ends up throwing Amber around the classroom. She is really at a loss for how to hit Pride because she doesn’t know the style. Eventually Amber gets mad and throws a series of vicious kicks, none of which land, and Pride grabs the last one and flings her into the teacher’s desk. As she is knocked out, Pride vanishes. The class is as it was.


The professor is done praising Amber and moves on to other things, but we do a close up of Amber and she gets a glassy look in her eye and a huge smile and then slinks down in her chair a bit. Show the content smile for a few more seconds and then fade out.


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