Scene 12: Call on the Lord

This needs to be a very artistic scene. The idea is to show Amber in Florida, and Daryl in Alaska at the same time, both about to fall into some sin again, but they cry out to Jesus at the same time.

Show the time on the screen—like 5:30 or something, and show Amber out in the Florida sunshine and all the sins she’s battled with come attacking her. Suddenly she is surrounded by Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. They are walking at her. She moves to try to get away and she starts running, and they start running at her, too. They are just about to catch her, when she drops to her knees, throws up her arms and cries out, “Jesus! Save me from these sinful desires!” Fade out.

Fade in. Show the time on the screen—5:30. Daryl is outside in the Alaska cold. Suddenly the sins he struggles with are around him. Lust, Greed, and Sloth are walking toward him. He starts to walk way, and then there is a chase. The sins are just about to catch up to him, when he drops to his knees, throws up his arms and cries out, “Lord! Deliver me from evil!” Fade out.


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