Scene 13: Jesus versus Seven Demons

Show the time: 5:30. The scene opens in a big, open expanse of dirt and tall grass, far from civilization. Amber and Daryl, though they have never met, are standing together, and the demons are surrounding them (in their human forms again). Amber and Daryl look at each other, nod, and instinctively go back to back and go into fighting stances to try to fight off the demons most the effectively. Just as the demons start to tighten up the circle, a loud engine revs. Everybody stops and looks toward the sound. On kind of a dirt road, a motorcycle races up, throwing a long trail of dust in the wind. It’s a black custom Harley-Davidson with ape hanger handlebars. Jesus is driving it. He has long yellow hair and a tightly trimmed beard that is jet black. He is massively muscled and wearing mostly black leather—vest and pants. He gets the motorcycle close to the action, hops off, and sets the kick stand. The demons are still stunned. Jesus walks into the circle and gently takes Amber and Daryl by the hands and walks them out of the midst of the demons. He makes sure they are okay.

JESUS: (to both) I was waiting for you to realize you couldn’t beat sin on your own and call on my name. I’ll take it from here, my little children.


AMBER and DARYL: (dropping to their knees and bowing) Thank you, Lord!


JESUS: You’re welcome. I love you. Now stay here, out of harm’s way.

Jesus strides forward, confidently into the middle of the circle. The demons shake off their surprise and all attack. Jesus’ blocks and strikes come twice as fast as the demons’ strikes do. In the whole fight, Jesus is not hit a single time, but Jesus thoroughly dispatches all the sins. They are all quickly knocked out and lying around the ground. Suddenly, a deep voice starts laughing. The space in front of Jesus rips open and a red arm and hand pushed through into the space in front of Jesus. It grabs Jesus by the throat. Jesus looks down at the hand, not concerned, and then He grasps the wrist with His right hand. Then Jesus leaps forward into the hole that was ripped.


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