Scene 14: Jesus versus Satan

This scene opens with Jesus crashing through the open hole from the last scene into the new scene, which is in a modern wood shop. The force of Jesus’ jump crashes Him into the owner of the arm that had grabbed Him—Satan (fully red and demon-looking, complete with the trident, horns, and tail). The inter-dimensional hole that Satan ripped seals up just as soon as Jesus is through it. Jesus is now dressed in the more traditional carpenter’s clothing. The massive musculature of His back is visible, along with the slashes from the whipping He endured. He also has all the scars of the crucifixion visible. Satan is knocked back from Jesus’ jump and Jesus takes Satan’s hand and quickly applies an arm bar, followed with a kick to the chest. Satan tried fighting dirty and wildly, but he cannot manage to hit Jesus. Jesus lands several powerful blows. Then Mortification’s J.G.S.H. starts playing. The fight is now near a standalone belt and disk sander. Jesus makes a hand motion and the machine turns on. Jesus gets Satan in front of the sander, and grabs him by the horns and presses his head to the sander. Satan bellows and struggles as Jesus keeps his head to the wheel. There is sparks and head debris flying all over the place. As the song ends, the scene fades out.


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