Scene 2: Daryl versus Sloth

This scene opens around noon on a Saturday with Daryl driving his old minivan through his neighborhood. The minivan is in bad shape, making noises and smoking. He manages to get the van to the driveway of his small home. He is visibly shaken about how bad his van is doing.

DARYL: (to minivan) Seriously?! I just bought you 3 years ago, and you’re ready to die on me?! I give up! (throws his hands up)

With his head down, he walks into the front room of his home. The children are loudly fighting in the living room and then the action spills into the room with Daryl. The children look at him and stop.

CHILDREN: (nervously) Hi, Dad.


DARYL: (dejected) Sarah, Jonathan… stop your fighting. I still need to write tomorrow’s sermon and I’ll need some quiet around here.

Jenny, looking disheveled, runs into the room.

JENNY: (to kids) Knock it off! You guys have been fighting for over an hour over that stupid Nintendo! If I hear any more fighting, you’ll both lose the Nintendo for a week.


CHILDREN: (weakly) Awww! That’s not fair! (kids storm out of the room)


JENNY: (ignores kids, angrily to Daryl) Daryl, we just got another medical bill in the mail! You told me you got that paid!


DARYL: (looking very depressed at Jenny, softly) We don’t have all that money right now. We’ll just have to try to pay it in installments. I’m sorry you’re mad, Babe. It’s the best I can do with the money we have. It’s getting hard to live on the small salary the church pays, and with you out of work, I just don’t know how we’re going to get by. The van is about to break down, too. I pray and work, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.


JENNY: I am sorry I snapped at you. But I am worried about all these bills. What will we do?


DARYL: I just don’t know, Babe. I need a break from all this. I still have to finish up tomorrow’s sermon. Can you please keep the kids away from my office for a few hours? We’ll talk about the bills later. (walks up to Jenny and gives her a little kiss)


JENNY: I promise the kids will be good. They are two seconds away from me unplugging the Nintendo! Have fun writing your sermon. (heads off in the direction the children went)

Daryl walks the other direction, gets to his office, shuts the door, braces his back on the wall and slides down. Then he runs his hands through his thinning hair, looks at the floor with a flat affect, and exhales. After a few moments, Daryl gets up and walks over to his desk. On the desktop are his Bible and some notebooks and reference books, and a computer game. He reaches for his Bible but pauses his hand and looks at the game.


The demon representing Sloth appears on the couch in the office. He’s in pajamas and very unkempt. Has a two-day beard, disheveled hair, bags under his eyes, and is holding a television remote.

SLOTH: Come on, Buddy! Drop that Bible… you know you want to. It’s been three months since you’ve played that video game.


DARYL: No. I’ve been putting off this sermon far too long!


SLOTH: Ah, but what about that whole sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13) thing? Let Him write your speech. You just relax now, take a load off, and whatever you say tomorrow will be exactly what God wants your congregation to hear!


DARYL: (upset) I don’t think it works that way! I still do need to write this sermon. God will help me, but not do it all for me, in this case. (turns away from Sloth and goes for his Bible)

Sloth hurls the remote he’s holding and smacks Daryl in the back. Enraged, Daryl turns around and dives onto the couch to strike Sloth. The fight is Daryl’s Alaskan brawling style verses Sloth’s wrestling. Eventually sloth gets Daryl in a submission hold and he taps out. Sloth disappears.



Back to the place where Daryl’s hand hovers over the Bible and the game, Daryl reaches down and grabs the game. He pops it in the computer and the scene ends showing him playing the video game with rapt attention.


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