Scene 6: Amber versus Gluttony

The scene opens with Amber and Robert in Amber’s sorority room. It is early nighttime, the day after the class when Amber knocked out her instructor—Wednesday night. Amber is sitting up on her bed and Robert is at her desk and the chair is swiveled toward her. There is tension in their faces.

ROBERT: I told you about this a month ago.


AMBER: I don’t remember that.


ROBERT: Well, I did. And that means that I will not go with you to this concert. I’m sorry.


AMBER: So you choose to go to a baseball game. An INTRAMURAL baseball game, at that, this Friday night, rather than go to this concert with me?


ROBERT: Yep. Amber, think about it. You’ve been planning to go to this concert with your girlfriends for weeks. I was never invited. Now that one of them can’t make it to the concert, suddenly there is a seat available in the car and I can have her ticket. I would go with you and the other girls, except for my game.


AMBER: Sure. Your motives are pure here. You just don’t want to hear that kind of music! If it were, oh, I don’t know, a Flaco Jimenez concert, no mere baseball game would stand in the way of that!


ROBERT: You’re probably right about that. I’m sorry, mi amor. Can I just play my game with the guys and you have a nice night with the girls and that dreadful music? We do get to spend all of next Wednesday together!


AMBER: But, other than Brenda, I don’t know those other girls. It might be weird. I just wish you could go.


ROBERT: Fine, I’ll take the ticket, and tell the guys they’ll need to find another first baseman for the game.


AMBER: No. We’ll go without you. Go and play. I’ll listen to the dreadful music with Brenda and the girls.


ROBERT: You’re mad.


AMBER: (tightly) No. Everything is fine. We’ll have a good time on Wednesday.


ROBERT: Alright. I’ve gotta get back home. I really need to get that English paper written that I’ve been putting off. (stands up and walks over to Amber and tries to give her a kiss but she turns her head) Really? Please?


AMBER: (unenthusiastically turns her head back for a quick kiss) I’ll see you tomorrow. Let’s go to Wal-Mart after our classes are over.


ROBERT: Sure. I’ll go with you unless I end up pulling an all-nighter for this English paper. If that happens, I’ll probably be sleeping. See you! (he walks out of the room)


AMBER: (to empty room) Bye.

Amber flops back on her bed. She lays there for a minute, then gets up and goes over to her desk and bookshelf. She pulls out a textbook and the Bible that Brenda gave her. She sets them both down on the desk and has a seat. She opens them both up and grabs a highlighter. Just then, there is a knock at the door. It’s open, but she swivels her chair and invites the girls in. It’s two of her sorority sisters.

AMBER: Natalie and Samantha, what’s up?


NATALIE: We’re bored. Most of the sisters are either studying or not here. It’s Ladies Night at the club. We were going to go hang out there for a few hours. You want to go?


AMBER: (takes a quick look back at her textbook and Bible then stands up) Sure! I don’t much feel like studying right now, and Robert and I just had a little bit of a fight. I could use a drink.


SAMANTHA: Oh, Amber! I’m sorry! Tell us about it in the car!


AMBER: Sure! You both know I usually don’t go to bars. What’s the deal? How much money should I bring?


NATALIE: (looks at her funny) Girl, all you need to bring is your driver’s license. Ladies night just waives the cover charge at the door and gives us a small discount on drinks. But we are all foxy ladies… I don’t plan on buying a single drink. Random men in the club will be buying them for us!


AMBER: Great! I’ll definitely like being treated to free things! Maybe that will make me feel beautiful. Sometimes I don’t feel too womanly or pretty with my taekwondo. You know, I knocked out my instructor last night…

They walk out of the room. And the scene fades. The scene resumes with the girls standing in line at the club. The bouncer checks their IDs and then lets them in. They walk in and check out the dance floor, tables, and bar. They choose an empty table over by the bar to go sit at. It is pretty early, so the club is less than half full. Most of the people are over by the bar. A couple of tables have groups of women sitting at them. A couple of tables have groups of guys sitting at them. A few people are walking around. There is one man on the dance floor, dancing wildly to the music.

NATALIE: (looks at the lone dancer) Look at that freak show on the floor! He’s going home alone tonight!

A couple of guys walk over to their table and attempt the impossible task of breaking in on a “girl’s night out.”

DAVE: (looks at Amber) Hey! I think you’re in my Spanish class!


AMBER: (uninterested) Sorry. I’m not taking Spanish.


DAVE: Oh. (looks embarrassed)


PAUL: Well, hey, nobody’s drinking yet! Can we buy you ladies a drink?


NATALIE: Have a seat. (the guys pull up chairs around the table)


DAVE: So what can we get you?


SAMANTHA: (looks at Amber and Natalie) We all like Corona Light with grenadine.


DAVE: You got it. As soon as the waitress comes over, we’ll order you three Corona Lights with grenadine. Paul and I are drinking Jack and Cokes. By the way, I’m Dave and that’s Paul.

The guys and the girls chat about nonsense—stupid bar conversations, trying to yell over the music—for a bit. Their drinks arrive. Everybody drinks them. Do a fade in / fade out to show that a little time has passed.

PAUL: (looks hopefully at the women) Who’s ready to get up and dance? Hear that? “Ladies this yo jam!” We gotta dance now! (hops up enthusiastically)


NATALIE: (stands up) Sorry, we’re not dancing. We need to go to freshen up. Thanks for the beers guys. (turns and starts toward the bathroom, Amber and Samantha follow)


AMBER: (catches up to Natalie outside the bathroom) So we just ditch those guys?


NATALIE: Of course! We’re just here to drink and chat. You know what every man in here wants.


AMBER: That’s kind of harsh…


NATALIE: Look at it this way: those two losers paid nine bucks and got to hang out with three hot sorority sisters for ten minutes. Not a bad deal for them! (walks confidently into bathroom)


SAMANTHA: (close to Amber, speaks quietly) What’s eating her? She usually isn’t this rude.


AMBER: I don’t know. Let’s just try to be nice to the next group of guys that come up to us! (walk into the bathroom)

Fade in / fade out. Something similar to what just happens repeats twice. The girls go to a different table, different guys come over, buy them different drinks, they chat for a bit, then ditch the guys and find new ones. There are more people filling into the club—it’s quite busy now. The girls have now had three drinks in about an hour. They are all buzzed. They’ve split up, and Amber is walking across the dance floor, there are several people around dancing, and the camera work needs to be slow and shaky, or some other effect, to try to show the effect of alcohol. Just as Amber gets to the center of the dance floor, Natalie walks toward her, holding out a fruity mixed drink, offering it to Amber. Amber starts her hand forward to take the drink.


The demon representing Gluttony appears by tripping and rolling gracelessly halfway across the dance floor. He hiccups and looks around disoriented. He’s a fat guy and looks like a stereotypical alcoholic. He spots Amber and gets to his feet unsteadily.

GLUTTONY: Ah, there you are! My assignment! Let’s belly up to the bar and have another drink! I’m sure thirsty! And they’re on the house, err, at least, they are on all these poor schmoes here who’re looking to reproduce. (looks away, muttering) Filthy human beings, if you ask me!


AMBER: Nope. I don’t need another drink, thanks!


GLUTTONY: WHY would you say that? We ALWAYS need another drink! Life sucks. There’s always a reason to drink, or bury yourself in food, or any other addiction, umm, I mean hobby.


AMBER: Actually, life isn’t that bad!


GLUTTONY: You say this after your boyfriend of three years decides to ditch you for some stupid baseball game? You told him that you are nervous about going to that strange Christian concert with a couple girls you don’t know. And he’d rather be out there playing some dumb sport?


AMBER: Baseball is not dumb. AND Robert is right. I was being selfish. He did tell me about that game a long time ago, and we did just invite him to the concert. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at him. Actually, I think I will text him and apologize right now.


GLUTTONY: How can you apologize to somebody (Gluttony pulls a drink out of one of the nearby frozen people’s hands)… when you are so thirsty? And all you want to do is drink!

Gluttony stumbles forward toward Amber, who goes into a fighting stance. Gluttony trips and the mug of alcohol goes flying toward Amber—still upright, and no liquor spills out. As the mug gets closer, Amber kicks it out of the air with one of her famous hook kicks. Keeping her leg cocked, she hops forward and lands a roundhouse kick to Gluttony’s head. Gluttony rolls with it. His fighting style is drunken boxing. He simply outlasts Amber. With her hard fighting style her blows rarely land solidly as Gluttony is so loose and wobbly with his movements. He is very slow with his reactions, but fast with his strikes. The fight is moving all around the dance floor wildly, they avoid all the frozen people. Finally Amber throws a high kick, and Gluttony moves in and jams her, grabs her with both hands and slams her into a nearby speaker. Gluttony vanishes.


Amber is right back where she was, and Natalie has the mug of liquor close by. Amber takes it and chugs it down very fast, then starts dancing wildly all alone. Eventually, Samantha and Natalie surround Amber and get her to come off the dance floor. As the night goes on, we see that Samantha and Natalie have stopped drinking, but Amber has a few more drinks and gets pretty drunk. Towards the end of the night, Natalie has found a pretty boy that she likes (not one of the men who bought any of the drinks).

NATALIE: (in private to Samantha) Are you good to drive?


SAMANTHA: Yep. I haven’t had a drink in four hours.


NATALIE: Good. This handsome young man—Ben—has kindly offered to take me to his home for the night. He’s a Sigma Nu. I’ve never seen their house. It sounds like fun! So I’ll be going with him. Are you okay to get Amber in my car and drive yourselves back to the house?


SAMANTHA: Sure. (Natalie holds out her keys and Samantha takes them)


NATALIE: (holding hands with Ben, shouts over her shoulder) I’ll see you girls tomorrow!

Everybody is leaving the club. Samantha is holding onto Amber who is too unsteady on her feet to walk unassisted. We see Natalie and Ben go one way, and Samantha and Amber go another. Once they get to Natalie’s car, Samantha has to nearly lift Amber into the shotgunner’s seat. Samantha is sober, so the drive home is fine. We see the car start driving and then the scene ends.


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