Scene 8: Amber Riding to Mortification Concert

This scene opens with Amber and Brenda in Brenda’s car, driving to pick up the other two girls. They get to the pickup location and the two girls get in Brenda’s car. The concert is in another city, which is a one hour drive. So Amber doesn’t know the two church girls, but they will all have some time to chat in the car on the way. Brenda is driving, Amber is riding shotgun, Vicki is behind Brenda, and Shar is behind Amber. It is early enough in the afternoon that there is still plenty of light.

BRENDA: (watching the road) Amber, that’s Shar behind you, and Vicki’s sitting behind me. Shar and Vicki, this is Amber. (Amber half turns in her seat and tries somewhat successfully to shake the girls’ hands)


AMBER: Nice to meet you two. I am very excited about this concert. And the hour-long drive to get there. Brenda told me you two are Christians. I am not—but I think I have a ton of questions for you. Is it okay if we skip the usual pleasantries and just talk about God, the Bible, and salvation? (looks hopeful)


VICKI: That’s a great idea! Go ahead and start with your questions.


SHAR: We might not have all the answers, but we can look in this Bible (holds up a worn Bible), or ask a pastor later on.


AMBER: Great! Oh, just so you know, I used to be totally turned off of all this stuff, mostly because I see so many people who are Christians living such hypocritical lives. But Brenda has been talking to me about God for forever and for some reason I have been really curious and interested lately. But how about going back to that hypocrisy? Why do you think so many Christians are some of the worst sinners?


VICKI: Well, that’s a great question. I don’t have the answer for sure, but let me just put some ideas out there. Actually, Shar, can you hand the Bible to Amber? I think it might be nice for her to follow along. (Amber takes the Bible) Thank you. Well, I like to think of the world not in terms of the physical things that we can see, but in spiritual things. Let me ask you this… Do you think we humans have a soul or a spirit that is immortal?


AMBER: Definitely. I’m not really sure what the differences in soul or spirit are, but I sure believe that SOMETHING in us will live on after we die.


VICKI: Cool. Me too. Okay, so we have that something that is not physical. So Brenda told me you are starting to believe in God?


AMBER: Yes, I think I am about 99% sure that there is a God now. If you’d have asked me that a year ago, I would have told you that there is no God.


VICKI: I’m glad you are starting to see the truth, then. So, if there is a God, do you think He is all alone?


AMBER: Ummm… no, I guess there would be angels and demons and strange things like seraphim and the other things that the Bible talks about.


SHAR: One of the things a lot of people have trouble understanding is the idea of one God in three Persons.


AMBER: Oh, that Holy Trinity stuff?


SHAR: Yes. I think one place that is really cool for showing God in three Persons is the passage in Matthew about Jesus’ baptism. (Amber starts flipping through the Bible) It’ll be Matthew 3:13-17. Do you want to read that?


AMBER: Sure! Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him. But John tried to stop Him, saying, “I need to be baptized by You, and yet You come to me?” Jesus answered him, “Allow it for now, because this is the way for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then he allowed Him [to be baptized]. After Jesus was baptized, He went up immediately from the water. The heavens suddenly opened for Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming down on Him. And there came a voice from heaven: This is My beloved Son. I take delight in Him! Wow! That was really cool!


VICKI: Okay, so there’s God in three Persons, angels, demons, and other heavenly creatures, and us having a spirit that will live on after we die.


AMBER: I don’t know why, but I believe all this.


SHAR: The Bible says that when you accept Jesus’ death and resurrection to pay for your sins, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit. That’s mentioned in Ephesians. Chapter 1, verse 13 says in Him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation—in Him when you believed—were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit. I believe that God is knocking on your heart right now. If we had spoken these things to you, like you mentioned, a year ago, would you have just laughed at us?


AMBER: Well, yeah, that, or most of the time when Brenda was talking about God, I just tuned her out. (looks at Brenda) Sorry sis!


BRENDA: It’s okay.


VICKI: Now that we all kind of agree on these few points, let’s try to get back to that first question you asked. Why do so many Christians sin so much? I think one big cause of this is Christians who don’t read the Bible. We need to be constantly exposed to God’s Word so that the sinful things of the world don’t take over in our lives. There’s a great passage in Psalms that shows this. Can you turn to Psalm 119 and read verses 9 through 11?


AMBER: (rapidly flips to Psalms) How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping Your word. I have sought You with all my heart; don’t let me wander from Your commands. I have treasured Your word in my heart so that I may not sin against You. Wow! So then, if people can be Christian and ignore the Bible, how does that work?


SHAR: It is sad, but God allows us to make mistakes. We have so many choices. First, do we want to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, then if we do, do we want to live the way He wants us to? Lots of people are Christians but aren’t living lives pleasing to God. I think a lot of times when they are living like that, God lets the consequence of that sin—and God says the wages of sin is death in Romans 6:23—happen to them. A lot of times that comes as sickness or lack of joy. Sin feels fun for a while, but then it shows its ugly head and robs you of many things.


AMBER: (looks guilty) I know that. Last night, I hadn’t intended to, but I got really drunk and I still feel a little hung over. I wish I hadn’t done that. I was kind of blaming my drinking on a small fight I had with my boyfriend—of all things, over whether or not he would come to this concert with us or not—but I know that ultimately it was nobody’s fault but my own for sinning by getting drunk. (looks sad)


VICKI: Well that’s too bad that you got drunk. But I want you to know—and this goes back to your question of hypocrisy—that even if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior tonight, or in a month, you are still human, and you will still sin sometimes. God forgives your sins, past, present, and future when you accept Jesus. Unfortunately that doesn’t make you perfect.


SHAR: As long as you have your human body, there will always be the battle of flesh verses spirit. There’s a passage about that in Galatians 5, if you could turn there. (Amber flips there) It is verses 16-26.


AMBER: I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is against the Spirit, and the Spirit desires what is against the flesh; these are opposed to each other, so that you don’t do what you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, moral impurity, promiscuity, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and anything similar, about which I tell you in advance—as I told you before—that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, we must also follow the Spirit. We must not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another. Wow! There’s really a lot there. So it’s like there is a battle always going on, and we can get fruits of the Spirit or we can succumb to the sins that the flesh always seems to want to do. I know a few things about physical battles, but nothing really about these spiritual ones.


VICKI: Physical battles?


AMBER: Yeah, I’ve been doing taekwondo since I was ten. I would love to talk to you more about that—maybe you could even join my class, but I am so interested in what we’re talking about!


SHAR: Great! Well put! I’ve been thinking of the example that Jesus provided us when He was tempted by Satan. Did you know that Satan tempted Jesus?


AMBER: No, I hadn’t heard that. What happened?


SHAR: Right after that passage you read about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus, Jesus was led into the wilderness and fasted for forty days. Then Satan came and tempted Him three times, once Satan even used part of the Bible to try to trick Jesus into sinning. But Jesus refused to do all three of the things that Satan wanted, and each time He cited portions of the Bible that showed what Satan wanted Him to do was sin. This was all recorded in Matthew 4:1-11. Also, I think it is important to know this about Jesus: He was always praying to God the Father. If you read the gospels—by the way, those are the first four books of the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, try to count the number of times that it says that Jesus was in prayer and prayed all night. So if Christians would just take the time to do those two things, daily reading the Bible, and daily praying to God, then I think there would be a whole lot less sin.


AMBER: I see. That makes sense. Brenda, you’re being awful quiet… What do you think?


BRENDA: I just really like what Vicki and Shar are saying. Well, okay, I have two points and then I think we’ll be close enough to the city that I’ll need to concentrate on my driving.


AMBER: First?


BRENDA: On the topic of hypocrisy, when we become Christians, God forgives us for all and we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Whenever we sin after that point, we grieve the Holy Spirit. That is mentioned in Ephesians 4:30. That whole passage is a good one on living a Godly life—Ephesians 4:17-32. Definitely read that one after we get home from the concert.


My second thought is that there is no way that we can ever be good enough on our own to please God. That’s why He sent Jesus to save us. We should strive to live holy lives, but in our current state, even the very best we can do is not much. Isaiah 64:6 says all of us have become like something unclean, and all our righteous acts are like a polluted garment; all of us wither like a leaf, and our iniquities carry us away like the wind. Now we’re getting close, so I need to pay attention so we don’t miss the turn.


AMBER: Thank you, girls. I don’t think you know how much this talk has meant to me!


VICKI and SHAR: (pat Amber on the back) No problem! We’re always happy to talk about God!


The scene blacks out. Then it opens with a car pulling into a spot at a parking lot. All four car doors open at once. Amber, Brenda, Vicki, and Shar all get out. We show the girls walking toward the convention center. We show them in line, and handing in their tickets. The scene blacks out.


Scene 9: Altar Call

Open with the four girls standing in standing room only, pretty close by the stage. Mortification is on the stage, playing a very hard song. The girls, not really being metal fans, are not going crazy like a lot of metal-heads do. They finish one song, then play J.G.S.H., that makes the girls metal out a little bit. The musicians put down their instruments. Steve Rowe goes to a chair on stage, wipes off the sweat off his face with a towel, has a drink from a bottle of water, walks back up to his microphone and then begins speaking.

STEVE ROWE: I just wanted to take a little break from the music to talk to you all a bit.  Don’t worry, we’ll play a few more songs after this.


If you’ve been following the band for a while, you’ve probably heard that I had cancer. In the mid nineties I was diagnosed with leukemia. That was really rough. They said the only way to cure it was to have a bone marrow transplant. Eventually we found a donor match and I got my bone marrow transplant. The doctors said that if I could make it one hundred days without my body rejecting the transplant, then I had pretty good odds of beating the cancer for good. Well, I didn’t make it to one hundred days. The transplant failed. The doctors told me that I’d need another transplant in a very short amount of time or I would surely die. We never found another bone marrow donor so I never got that second transplant. I should be dead, according to the doctors. But I serve a powerful God. Amen? A God who created the universe with a thought. When I gave Him just a small amount of faith—like a mustard seed—He allowed complete healing in my body.


That’s just one physical and medical miracle that God has blessed me with. But God has given me an even greater blessing than that. God has saved my soul. He can do the same for you, too, and I know that He wants to. Your soul is worth so much more than just your body. Of course it is nice to have a healthy body and to live a long life, but think about this: when your body dies, your soul will live on forever. And the Bible says that there are only two places that you can go at that point. The bad option is hell, where Satan and all the demons will be. And the good option is heaven where God will be forever in all His majesty.


Let me just use the Bible a little bit and explain how God can save you. Romans 3:23 says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Do you agree with that? Not many of us are murderers, which everybody would agree is sin, but there are much smaller sins. For example, just driving to this concert, maybe you were stuck on the road behind an old grandmother and you said or thought some unholy things. Even little things like that are sins that separate us from God. All it takes is one, and you are separated forever from Him.


Then Romans 6:23 says for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is talking about both physical and spiritual death. When you die, and your soul is being judged by God, there is no way on your own that you would get into heaven by your own good works, because of the sins you committed. God would have to throw you into hell. But He sent His Son Jesus to live a life free of sin, and then die and rise three days later, taking the sins of anybody who believes in Him to the cross. The cross, where the Roman soldiers hung the Son of God was a brutal way to die.


Romans 5:8 says but God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. All of mankind was in a hopeless situation. But God, in his love of us, showed mercy and asked His Son to come live as a man, walk around on the planet teaching us, and then to die. A sinless man would not have to die—but He chose to do so for us. That just blows me away! We did not deserve any of this. We had our chance and we blew it!


So this is all you have to do, to accept Jesus as your Savior: Romans 10:9 says if you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Pretty simple, right? The other part of it takes a lifetime to do. Making Jesus the Lord of your life. That comes from getting to know Him as best as you can while you are still alive, through things like daily reading the Bible and praying and worshipping God at church. God saves you, but He still wants you to obey His commandments that are laid out in the Bible.


One more verse—Romans 5:1 says therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and that’s a pretty big one, too. Peace with God. Just imagine! Well, I would like to give you all here the opportunity to do this right now. To get yourself right with God tonight.

If you’ve just heard what I said, and you want to surrender your life to God and accept the gift that Jesus offers, then why don’t you walk up to the front of the stage here. Could you guys in the front of the standing room only back up and make some room for the people who will be coming? (Steve points at the area in front of the stage) That’s great. Thanks. Alright, come on down to this area right here. Don’t be afraid of what your friends think. This is a time between you and the Creator of the universe. Once you all get down here, I will lead you all in a short prayer. Come on down now. If you feel the need to come down, that is God working on you. The Bible says when you accept Jesus and take Him as Lord and Savior, you are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. That means that God will always be with you, to help you and teach you!

Cut to Amber, looking up and thinking intently. The other three girls are standing nearby and they are smiling. Brenda whispers something in Amber’s ear and points toward the stage. The crowd at the concert is large and packed, but somehow a light starts to shine on Amber and the crowd slowly parts, leaving a walkway for her to get up to the stage. Very slowly, all the seven demons in their human form walk out of the crowd and stand on either side of the new path. The colors and intensity of the crowd dims, but the demons are still fully colored and intense. They are frowning and looking sad. Amber is smiling and she slowly starts to walk down the path. She gets to the stage and the crowd fills back in, but we see that there are several other young people standing nearby her, also ready to pray for salvation.

STEVE ROWE: Excellent! Is everybody down here who wants to be? (waits a few seconds and scans the crowd and sees that nobody is moving) Okay, good. You all are about to make the biggest choice of your life. Now, just say this prayer with me, and mean it:


God, I come to you a sinner (crowd repeats) I realize that the penalty for my sins is death (crowd repeats) there is nothing I can do on my own to be saved (crowd repeats) but I believe that you sent Your Son Jesus (crowd repeats) to live as both God and man (crowd repeats). I believe that He lived a sin-free life (crowd repeats) and because of that, He was able to take on my sins (crowd repeats) when He died and was buried (crowd repeats). I believe that He arose from the dead on the third day (crowd repeats) paying for all my sins, past, present, and future (crowd repeats). Thank you Lord Jesus! (crowd repeats)


Now if you’ve just said and meant that prayer to God, I congratulate you. We are now brothers and sisters in Christ. We’ll see each other in heaven someday. The next steps you should take are to get a Bible and start reading it, and find a church that preaches the Bible and go there. Older Christians and pastors will be able to help you and answer the questions you have.


Now… you all can go back to your seats… we’ve got a few more songs to perform!

The path is open behind Amber again, the demons are still standing there, looking utterly crestfallen. As she walks past them, they turn and disperse through the crowd. Amber makes it back to her friends and they pat her on the back, hug her, and congratulate her. She turns around as Mortification starts to play again and the scene ends.

Scene 10: Daryl versus Lust

The scene opens with Daryl driving his beat up minivan down a long abandoned road in the dark. It starts to slow down and Daryl starts pounding on the steering wheel…

DARYL: No! Come on! Come on! Don’t die on me now! Still twenty-five miles to home!

Daryl is trying to drive the van which is coughing and sputtering, and he’s looking at the speedometer and other instruments. He pulls out his cell phone and dials Jenny’s cell while the car is still rolling along slowly.

DARYL: (looks at phone quickly and tosses it into the passenger seat in disgust) Dead? A dead battery already?! I just charged that this morning! (peers into the distance and there is only one building, mutters) I guess I’ll have to go there to call Jenny.

The van dies and Daryl manages to get it off to the side of the road. He shuts everything down, locks the doors, and walks about a quarter-mile to the small building. When he gets close enough, we see the sign says “The Frozen Fisherman’s Gentleman’s Club.”

DARYL: (reads the sign) Ugh! I’d forgotten this was here. But it’s the only building within miles… I’ve got to go in there and find a phone.

Daryl walks up to the front of the building. There are a few trucks parked in front. He gets up to the front door and is stopped by a big bouncer.

BOUNCER: You gotta pay the cover before I can let you in.


DARYL: I just need to go in to use the phone. My car just died down there.


BOUNCER: Sorry. But you still gotta pay seven bucks to get in.


DARYL: Really? I’m not here to see the women, and not here to drink. Just a phone. Can I go in?


BOUNCER: Really sorry now, Bud! We have a two drink minimum. So that means you gotta pay me seven bucks now, and at least buy a couple of beers when you get in. THEN, you can use the phone.


DARYL: (looks upset, but pulls out wallet and takes out seven dollars and hands it to the bouncer) This is NOT right. But I gotta do it. (bouncer takes the money, Daryl starts to walk past, but the bouncer steps in front of him) Huh?


BOUNCER: Sorry, pal. Gotta see some ID.


DARYL: (looks shocked) I’m almost forty! (points up) LOOK at how thin my hair is! Do I LOOK like I’m only twenty years old?!


BOUNCER: Hey, man! Just doing my job. Now you can let me see your ID, or I can refuse you entrance.


DARYL: (apoplectic) WITH my money. (pulls out his wallet again and grabs driver’s license) Here. Look. See? Born in 1973. That makes me thirty-eight years old. Now may I go in?


BOUNCER: Hey, don’t get smart with me, or I won’t let you in.


DARYL: (sarcastically) Oh, please, kind sir, allow me to enter the club?


BOUNCER: Well, since you asked nicely. BUT first, I have to confiscate your cell phone.


DARYL: What? Why? Oh, never mind. My cell phone is not with me. It’s sitting in my broken down car, with a dead battery. The only reason I had to come to this place, remember?


BOUNCER: Oh yeah… you did say that already. So I’ll trust you. But if you have a cell phone, and I catch you taking pictures of the girls, I will personally throw you out of here! And remember: walk right up to Zelda the bar tender and buy two drinks right away or I toss you! (finally steps aside to let Daryl pass)

Daryl walks into the dimly lit bar. There is a long bar on one of the walls and the other two walls have small stages on them. The last wall has a DJ stand and some speakers. There are a couple of girls in skimpy outfits dancing on the poles at both stages. The DJ is yelling something incomprehensible into the microphone over the loud music. Daryl does not look at the girls and marches right over to the bar. A young woman who shows the signs of aging from a life of sin is cleaning a glass with a rag. Uninterested, she sets the glass and rag down.

BARKEEP: (slowly moves over toward Daryl) What can I get for you, Sugar?


DARYL: (shouting over the music) May I use the phone?


BARKEEP: Let me get you a drink, first.


DARYL: I rarely drink. And I really don’t want to drink tonight.


BARKEEP: Didn’t Borris at the door tell you that we have a two drink minimum here?


DARYL: Yes ma’am, he did. But like I said to him at the door, my car just broke down a little way down the road and my cell phone is dead. I’ve already paid the cover fee, I’m not going to stay. All I need is your phone for a few minutes to call my wife or a tow truck. Then I can get out of here.


BARKEEP: Sorry, Sir. The boss makes us do this. I can’t let you use the phone until you do that.


DARYL! (angry) Fine! What’s your cheapest drink?


BARKEEP: Bud Light. Three bucks each.


DARYL: (pulls out his wallet again, takes out six dollars and tosses it on the bar) There you go! Two Bud Lights, please! Now can I PLEASE use the phone?!


BARKEEP: (she takes a look in a back room where the phone is tucked away) Sorry, there’s already a guy using it.

Daryl is very angry and he looks up at the ceiling in anger and begins clenching his fists. He reaches out and grabs the two long neck bottles and lifts them up a little bit, as if to pour them out, right on the bar.


The demon representing Lust appears. The two strippers are still clad in PG-13 appropriate clothing, and Lust appears on the stage. She is a gorgeous woman in revealing clothing. She is holding on to the pole and calls out to Daryl.

LUST: Come on! Have a drink and stay awhile! These young women would just love to entertain you tonight!


DARYL: No. I just want to call my wife or a tow truck, and then get out of here!


LUST: That’s not ALL you want to do. Take a look around! The show’s just about to get started. You want to watch. I bet you even have a wad of singles in that wallet that you could give to these girls.


DARYL: One, staying here and watching these girls would be sinning against the girls, my wife, and my God, and two, I need this money for my family!


LUST: Hey, man, Jesus was always hanging out with sinners. And what’s a few extra bucks? You’ve already spent thirteen dollars just to get in here and POSSIBLY be able to use the phone.


DARYL: Jesus was with the sinners, but he wasn’t sinning. If I sit here and watch those girls up there, then I will be sinning. As for the money I have already spent, that is insane. I can’t believe nobody here won’t let me just use the phone! I am enraged about this.


LUST: I know! I have a colleague named WRATH that I just might have to call in for a consult on your case here, Daryl!


DARYL: Enough nonsense. I intend to pour those beers on the bar, and walk out of here. Most likely Borris will be walking with me—I might even have to fight my way out of here. And it’s like five miles to the next nearest building, but it’s not too cold out. I’ll be able to walk there.


LUST: Look at these women! So beautiful, and they want to undress for you!


DARYL: For this is God’s will, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality, so that each of you knows how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not with lustful desires, like the Gentiles who don’t know God. This means one must not transgress against and defraud his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger of all these offenses, as we also previously told and warned you. For God has not called us to impurity, but to sanctification. Therefore, the person who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who also gives you His Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8


LUST: You will not cite that to me! You will stay here and sin!


DARYL: Bring it on, Demon!


LUST: My kung fu is invincible!

Lust lets go of the stripper pole and hops lightly on top of one of the nearby tables. Daryl grabs a bar stool and rushes her. He hurls the bar stool at her. She dodges it, jumps down off the table and lands a kick as he runs up to her. The battle is wild, with Daryl grabbing many things in the bar and attacking her, but she keeps dodging and blocking his strikes and landing kung fu strikes. Finally they end up on one of the dancing stages and Lust lands a blow to the back of Daryl’s head that knocks him forward into the pole. As he is knocked out, Lust disappears. Daryl is back where he was, about to pour out the two beers. Everything in the bar is as it was.


Daryl takes one of the beers up and has a long swig. He turns around and walks right up to the closest table to one of the stages and sits down. One of the strippers walks to the edge of the stage. Daryl stands up, pulls out some singles and walks toward her. Scene fades out.

Scene 11: Amber versus Pride

This scene opens with Amber walking through campus toward a class. A nearby door slams and a girl runs by, sobbing. She doesn’t see Amber, but quickly is off the screen. Amber makes it to her class and sits down in a seat.

AMBER: (to a classmate) Hey, I just saw Melissa Stanton run out of the Dean’s office crying. What’s up with that?


CLASSMATE: Didn’t you hear? After that story about her that the newspaper ran last week, somebody accused her of a lot of bad things in an online comment. They deleted it, but some of the faculty read the comment and looked into it. I heard they are investigating Melissa.


AMBER: (shocked) But… what if all those things the person who commented said were just made up?


CLASSMATE: Then I suppose nothing will come of it. But if any of those charges are true, then she’ll probably end up suspended or expelled. Poor Melissa. To go from that amazing story they wrote about her to being under suspicion. I’m just glad that didn’t happen to me!


AMBER: Well if these charges are false, would the person who said them be in trouble?


CLASSMATE: Yeah, probably. But it was all anonymous and I don’t think the IT department is smart enough to trace the comments back to a computer. It looks like whatever loser did that to Melissa will not get punished.


AMBER: Oh. I just wish that none of this had happened.

The class starts and we see that Amber is pretty shaken looking. The scene fades out and then it fades back in and Amber is walking to a different class. She gets to the class and sits down. Melissa is in this class with her and is sitting closer to the front of the class than Amber is. The professor walks in and looks upset.

PROFESSOR: (holds up a sheet of paper) I have the scores from the test I gave last Thursday and they aren’t good. The average score was 52%. All the scores were failing, except for one C the 97% that Amber Pacino got. Very good job, Amber! The rest of you… have some work to do!


Suddenly Pride walks in. He is a tall, attractive man with a medium build and the face of an A-list actor. He’s wearing really stylish clothes and has an easy air with his walk. He scans the room full of students, glances at the teacher and then holds up an arm and points at Amber.

PRIDE: (in a very suave, persuasive voice) Amber! Babe! You just nailed that test that all these other slackers flunked!


AMBER: So? Good for me. What do you want me to do about it?


PRIDE: Come now, you don’t need to do anything big or flashy. Just internalize your pride and let it swell in you—you did great all by yourself. You deserve to praise yourself.




PRIDE: Why not? You just beat all these people handily… including Melissa.

Pride walks over toward Melissa and squats down to look at her frozen face. Her hair is ruffled where it froze. Pride takes his hand and sweeps a lock of her hair back on top of her head, looks at her a second longer, then turns toward Amber and speaks again.

PRIDE: You know, she is quite pretty. Over the years she has dated men that you wanted to date. And don’t get me started on how good her grades are! You get good grades, but hers are usually just a little bit better than yours are. How does that make you feel?


AMBER: (scowling) That makes me feel bad… worthless, even. I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but it’s just… Melissa infuriates me sometimes!


PRIDE: Oh, I am so sorry. Just take this time to gloat, then.


AMBER: No. First of all, I feel terrible about what I did to her last week with the false accusations, and second, I just accepted Jesus Christ (Pride recoils at the name) as my Lord and Savior. I don’t think this pride—even just to myself—is a healthy thing. I think it is probably even sin. So why are you so insistent?


PRIDE: (stands up tall, suddenly has a menace to his voice) Because I want you to fail. I want you to sin and sin and sin and grieve the Holy Spirit who now resides in you. I want you to lose control in all you do.


AMBER: (leaping from her seat into a fighting stance) Never!

The fight is unusual. Amber’s fighting is strong taekwondo, but Pride fights with smooth, fast, soft aikido. Amber only lands a few glancing blows. Most of her strikes are simply dodged and deflected by Pride, and often each deflection ends up throwing Amber around the classroom. She is really at a loss for how to hit Pride because she doesn’t know the style. Eventually Amber gets mad and throws a series of vicious kicks, none of which land, and Pride grabs the last one and flings her into the teacher’s desk. As she is knocked out, Pride vanishes. The class is as it was.


The professor is done praising Amber and moves on to other things, but we do a close up of Amber and she gets a glassy look in her eye and a huge smile and then slinks down in her chair a bit. Show the content smile for a few more seconds and then fade out.

Scene 12: Call on the Lord

This needs to be a very artistic scene. The idea is to show Amber in Florida, and Daryl in Alaska at the same time, both about to fall into some sin again, but they cry out to Jesus at the same time.

Show the time on the screen—like 5:30 or something, and show Amber out in the Florida sunshine and all the sins she’s battled with come attacking her. Suddenly she is surrounded by Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. They are walking at her. She moves to try to get away and she starts running, and they start running at her, too. They are just about to catch her, when she drops to her knees, throws up her arms and cries out, “Jesus! Save me from these sinful desires!” Fade out.

Fade in. Show the time on the screen—5:30. Daryl is outside in the Alaska cold. Suddenly the sins he struggles with are around him. Lust, Greed, and Sloth are walking toward him. He starts to walk way, and then there is a chase. The sins are just about to catch up to him, when he drops to his knees, throws up his arms and cries out, “Lord! Deliver me from evil!” Fade out.

Scene 13: Jesus versus Seven Demons

Show the time: 5:30. The scene opens in a big, open expanse of dirt and tall grass, far from civilization. Amber and Daryl, though they have never met, are standing together, and the demons are surrounding them (in their human forms again). Amber and Daryl look at each other, nod, and instinctively go back to back and go into fighting stances to try to fight off the demons most the effectively. Just as the demons start to tighten up the circle, a loud engine revs. Everybody stops and looks toward the sound. On kind of a dirt road, a motorcycle races up, throwing a long trail of dust in the wind. It’s a black custom Harley-Davidson with ape hanger handlebars. Jesus is driving it. He has long yellow hair and a tightly trimmed beard that is jet black. He is massively muscled and wearing mostly black leather—vest and pants. He gets the motorcycle close to the action, hops off, and sets the kick stand. The demons are still stunned. Jesus walks into the circle and gently takes Amber and Daryl by the hands and walks them out of the midst of the demons. He makes sure they are okay.

JESUS: (to both) I was waiting for you to realize you couldn’t beat sin on your own and call on my name. I’ll take it from here, my little children.


AMBER and DARYL: (dropping to their knees and bowing) Thank you, Lord!


JESUS: You’re welcome. I love you. Now stay here, out of harm’s way.

Jesus strides forward, confidently into the middle of the circle. The demons shake off their surprise and all attack. Jesus’ blocks and strikes come twice as fast as the demons’ strikes do. In the whole fight, Jesus is not hit a single time, but Jesus thoroughly dispatches all the sins. They are all quickly knocked out and lying around the ground. Suddenly, a deep voice starts laughing. The space in front of Jesus rips open and a red arm and hand pushed through into the space in front of Jesus. It grabs Jesus by the throat. Jesus looks down at the hand, not concerned, and then He grasps the wrist with His right hand. Then Jesus leaps forward into the hole that was ripped.

Scene 14: Jesus versus Satan

This scene opens with Jesus crashing through the open hole from the last scene into the new scene, which is in a modern wood shop. The force of Jesus’ jump crashes Him into the owner of the arm that had grabbed Him—Satan (fully red and demon-looking, complete with the trident, horns, and tail). The inter-dimensional hole that Satan ripped seals up just as soon as Jesus is through it. Jesus is now dressed in the more traditional carpenter’s clothing. The massive musculature of His back is visible, along with the slashes from the whipping He endured. He also has all the scars of the crucifixion visible. Satan is knocked back from Jesus’ jump and Jesus takes Satan’s hand and quickly applies an arm bar, followed with a kick to the chest. Satan tried fighting dirty and wildly, but he cannot manage to hit Jesus. Jesus lands several powerful blows. Then Mortification’s J.G.S.H. starts playing. The fight is now near a standalone belt and disk sander. Jesus makes a hand motion and the machine turns on. Jesus gets Satan in front of the sander, and grabs him by the horns and presses his head to the sander. Satan bellows and struggles as Jesus keeps his head to the wheel. There is sparks and head debris flying all over the place. As the song ends, the scene fades out.

End Credits

Alternate screens full of movie credits with these mini scenes (Daryl one and two and Amber one and two) which tie up loose ends and show that Daryl and Amber still need to deal with the problems that their sins caused.

Daryl ONE

Daryl is standing in front of his congregation on a Sunday morning, at the pulpit. The congregation looks somber.

DARYL: Church, I want you to know that I have sinned against you. I want to ask your forgiveness. Last week I had been really feeling a lack of money with bills piling up and my van breaking down. Instead of seeking God and praying and fasting, I got angry, and I delivered that sermon last week. I’m sure most of you remember it. Your giving was incredible—four times the average and I thank you for that. While the idea of giving is Scriptural, and the Lord does want us to give cheerfully, the things I said were too harsh. It was wrong of me, and I want to bring this to you and the church board to see what you want to do about my poor use of the pulpit. I’ve already talked to the elders, and I will leave the room and allow you to discus what I’ve done now. Thank you.

He closes his Bible, turns and walks out of the sanctuary. As he does, four elders stand up and walk toward the front of the sanctuary. Fade out.

Amber ONE

Amber is walking around campus, and she sees a girl from behind. She jogs up and…

AMBER: Melissa!


MELISSA: (surprised, turns around quickly) Oh, Amber. Hi. What’s up?


AMBER: (looks embarrassed and looks down) I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.


MELISSA: Okay. Go for it.


AMBER: Well, I want you to know that I became a Christian last week.


MELISSA: That’s great! I am, too.


AMBER: Really?


MELISSA: Yep! And I have been for over ten years now.


AMBER: Oh, that’s awesome. But I want to apologize to you for something I did…




AMBER: (nervous) Well… I… (in a rush) was the one who wrote that bad comment about you on the paper!


MELISSA: (recoils in surprise) YOU? But… why? None of that stuff was actually true!


AMBER: I feel I have been competing with you for years.


MELISSA: Really? That’s news to me! True, we haven’t been the best of friends, but I never knew you were COMPETING with me.


AMBER: Well ever since you got Zack Clifton to date you…


MELISSA: Zack Clifton?! What was that, like in the eighth grade? Wow!


AMBER: I guess that just made me resentful and then I always knew your grades were always just a little better than mine. It festered inside me and that’s why I posted that comment and said all those nasty things about you. You might find it hard to believe, but I am sorry I did that to you.


MELISSA: Uhh, I really wish you HADN’T written those things. But I’ve talked with the dean, and a couple of teachers, and they know I didn’t do what I was accused of. This will all blow over. I do forgive you. Just… please don’t do that again!


AMBER: I won’t! I don’t know what came over me to do that. So, how are you able to just forgive me like that?


MELISSA: I know how much God has forgiven me. Who am I to then not forgive others? This situation is very much like the parable that Jesus told in Matthew 18:23-35.


AMBER: I’m still new at this… I haven’t read that yet.


MELISSA: Well I had class in a few minutes, but spiritual matters always take precedence. Do you want to go to the student union with me and discuss that parable and some more of the Bible?


AMBER: I would LOVE to… friend.

They change the direction they were walking and the scene fades out.